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Fortnite Cammy & Guile skins: Release date, cost, and more

Two new iconic Street Fighter characters join the Fortnite roster.
Ryu and Chun-Li will receive some backup in Fortnite, as Capcom confirmed that Cammy and Guile will join the battle royale after Epic Games teased more Street Fighter reps were set to appear. 

The announcement happened during Street Fighter V's Summer Update showcase. Prior to this, Fortnite had revealed via social media a small teaser that confirmed suspicions of more Capcom characters making their way to Epic's free-to-play battle royale.

cammy and guile dlc fortnite
"Here comes two new challengers" (Picture: Epic Games/Capcom)

Fortnite Cammy & Guile skins - Release date

Cammy and guile fortnite skins
(Picture: Epic Games/Capcom)

In a follow-up blogpost, Epic Games confirmed the skins will make their way to the shop this upcoming 7th August at 8:00pm ET (1:00am BST).

On top of the skins, both Cammy and Guile feature alternative costumes, backblings, and emotes. Take a look at their versions down below.

Guile Fortnite skin

guile in fortnite
(Picture: Epic/Capcom)

Cammy Fortnite skin

cammy fortnite
(Picture: Epic/Capcom)

Fortnite Cammy & Guile skins - Cost

Cammy and Guile pickaxe fortnite
Cammy and Guile's pickaxes(Picture: Epic)

At the time of writing, we don't have an official price tag for both Guile nor Cammy. One thing worth mentioning is that if players want to get their hands on the complete set of skins, they'll also get the Round 2 Loading Screen included at no additional cost.

fortnite cammy loading screen
(Picture: Epic/Capcom)


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