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Creator of Skaavok Aim Training claims Ceice stole his map and passed it off as his own

Those involved in remaking Donwozi's map on behalf of Ceice claim the Fortnite pro explicitly asked them to copy it.
Creator of Skaavok Aim Training claims Ceice stole his map and passed it off as his own

A Fortnite map builder, responsible for the popular Skaavok Aim Training, has claimed that Davis "Ceice" McClellan stole his map design and paid other builders to recreate it, before releasing it to his fans as "My Warmup Map".

Skaavok Aim Training, created by "Donwozi", has gone through a number of iterations but in its current state has been in existence for six months, getting millions of players training on it every month. The map allows players to train their aim in a variety of customizable scenarios.

Ceice, a Fortnite pro with over $1 million in earnings and having spent the better part of two years on the 100 Thieves' roster, has released three maps, the latest of which has remarkable similarities to Donwozi's - not only in its goals as an aim trainer but also in its aesthetics and functions.

The map, like Donwozi's Skaavok Aim Training, drops you into a central hub, where you can select your weaponry, choose your desired aim training and then tweak it to your preferences.

Side by side there is almost nothing to separate them from each other.

Donwozi 100T ceice

Donwozi Ceice

Donwozi first became aware of Ceice's attempts to make a map similar to his own in January but it would take the release of Ceice's "My Warmup Map" on the 17th March for him to go public with screenshots that show that Ceice, at the very least, was inspired by Donwozi's map.

A screenshot posted to Twitter by Donwazi appears to show Ceice reaching out to a map creator and directly referencing the Skaavok Aim Training map, and then stating he wants to "basically... take this map and put it in my own world".

He later says he would like to use this creation as part of the "educational content" he puts out on social media so he can "align all (his) branding together".

Ceice Donwozi aim training steal
A Twitter DM purportedly from Ceice to a map creator where the former 100 Thieves player says he wants to "take this map". (Picture: Twitter)

Donwozi also revealed messages between himself and two creators credited by Ceice in the finished "My Warmup Map" which show that copying Donwozi's design was something they were explicitly instructed to do.

GINX has spoken to a map creator who was involved in the project at the early stages and they claimed Ceice repeatedly asked that the map looked "more like Donwozi's", a request they were unwilling to fulfil resulting in them leaving the project. The map creator asked not to be named.

Speaking to GINX, Donwozi says that he doesn't care for "clout" or even for copying the scenarios themselves as he shows how to build them on his YouTube channel, he simply wants Ceice to change the aesthetics and design of the map.

"I am disappointed in Ceice. It took me over two months to build this map which included countless hours testing with my community and reaching out to coaches to further improve the scenarios. The design itself is copied and to learn that he instructed those he paid to make his map, to do just that, is really discouraging as a creator."

Ceice was contacted for comment but did not reply in time for publication.