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Fortnite's Kinstaar shows off horrific injuries after gang attack

His injuries look brutal.
Fortnite's Kinstaar shows off horrific injuries after gang attack

Huynh "Kinstaar" Duong Huynh, a professional Fortnite player and member of Solary, has posted images of the aftermath of an assault in Tours, France at the hands of what he claims was a "gang".




In a rough translation, Kinstaar says he was attacked by a group of seven people who have been labelled as a gang according to the police. “They would provoke me for free and then attack me,” he said. “They knocked me down with a bottle then chained me in a group. I close with one eye because I'm nearsighted and I can see better on one side I'm glad the group with me had nothing.”



He elaborated on the details further in a subsequent comment. “And for them, it is a 'game' between gang rival on Tours,” he said. It all comes down to which one of them has “struck the most people.” 

What’s more, it seems like he wasn’t the only victim, and he’s grateful to have at least come out relatively unscathed.“The person before me who was taken care of was stabbed. I must consider myself happy.”

Kinstaar gang attack beaten blood
(Kinstaar during happier times. Picture: Kinstaar)

Other players and community figures were quick to respond and wish him well. Andréas "Sardoche" Honnet, a professional League of Legends player, was the first among them.



“Fuck courage, what a horror,” he said. “Do your best to get them locked up, it's inhuman that this could be possible in a city like Tours.”

Quentin “MrBboy45” Deborges, another popular streamer and gamer, also responded to wish him well.



“What hell,” he said. “Get well.”

Laure "Bulii" Valée, a popular interviewer and freelance journalist, also chimed in and expressed her shock and horror at the situation.



“What the hell is this?!??? I hope it's gonna be all right,” she said, before wishing him a speedy recovery.

Kinstaar vented his anger and frustration in another Tweet, in which he said that his "brother" Lubin also got struck while trying to defend him. 



“I thank and apologize to brother Lubin who tried to help me,” he said. “They hit him on the head 2x with the bottle. I'm pissed off with this stocking world..”

Kinstaar came to prominence during the height of Fortnite competitive scene after he signed for Solary back in 2018. Qualification as both a Solo and Duo for the Fortnite World Cup established him as one of the best players in the world. He dabbled in a move to Valorant but is back to Fortnite, a game he claims to have won over $13m in.