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Fortnite Stranger Things skins potentially leaked

The collaboration between Fortnite and Stranger Things has long been rumoured but yesterday, July 3, Epic Games made the official announcement confirming it – though not much was given away.


This is obviously being done to align with the release of Stranger Things season 3, which is available worldwide on Netflix today, July 4, and we've already seen portals start opening up around Mega Mall that are reminiscent of the portals to the Upside Down that the Demogorgan leaves around Hawkins, Indiana in the show.

The leaked skins are of Chief Hopper and the Demogorgan, with in-lobby examples shown by the leakers on Twitter.

Leaked Chief Hopper skin

Leaked Demogorgan skin

We assume that these skins, if confirmed, will drop at 2000 V-Bucks as most premium skins do, but we will just have to wait and see!

Date : 07/24/2019 - 07/24/2019

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Written by GINX redaction

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