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Fortnite v21.30 Update - All New Items, Consumables, Skins, Cosmetics

Rock the summer, as we show you what you can expect from the new Fortnite v20.30 update, bringing us new items, consumables and skins.
Fortnite v21.30 Update - All New Items, Consumables, Skins, Cosmetics

With Fortnite receiving its new v21.30 update, we expected new content to arrive along with the changes made to the base game, and Epic Games has not disappointed. Aside from the new map and POI (Point of Interest) changes, the new Prime Shotgun, and the No Sweat Summer event, we will also be receiving some new items, consumables, and Skins to enjoy in this new summer-themed update.

If you want to know more about these new items, then you're in the right place. As below we'll be taking a look at all the new items and consumables you'll be receiving in this update, along with the new skins you can deck your characters out with.

Fortnite v21.30 Update - All New Items, Consumables, Skins, Cosmetics

Fortnite v21.30 Update All New Items Consumables Skins Cosmetics new items and more
The new Fortnite v21.30 update will feature tons of new skins, cosmetics, items and more upon its release. (Picture: Epic Games)

Every new patch update in Fortnite brings with it a variety of new changes, additions to the games, and of course new items, weapons, skins, and more to have fun with.

Below you can find all the new items, consumables, and skins that will be available in the v21.30 update of Fortnite.

New Items

Fortnite sees the additions of some brand new items, some of which are available for certain characters such as Slayer Charlotte who is unlocked in the Sapphire Hagiri quest, while others are drops in the game, and others can be bought through the shop. Above, you can see the new items that we'll be seeing in the new v21.30 update.

New Consumables

Some new consumables have been added in the form of Ice-cream Cones, with each of them giving you different buffs and healing effects. These were previously in the game and have been brought back to likely fit with the summer-themed aesthetic of the update.

  • Lil Whip’s Special Serve: Consume to replenish your health and shield.
  • GuzzlingIcecreamCone: Consume toSlowly recover health.
  • Frozen Icecream Cone: Costume for Health, and to make things slippery.
  • Icecream Cone: Consume to replenish your health.
  • Spicy Icecream Cone: Consume to replenish your health and shield.

New Skins

Fortnite will be receiving a ton of new cosmetics and skins with the arrival of the v21.30 update, from backpacks and skins to Slayer Charlotte who will be available for purchase, and much more. The new skins specifically available for the update are retreads of previous characters with the addition of some new ones as listed below:

  • Slayer Charlotte (Will also receive her own set of items) 
  • Unstuffed Guff
  • Riptide Raz
  • Undercover Kor
  • SYD
  • Medley
  • Belle Berry
  • Fortnite No Sweat Skin.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.