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How To Complete Placeholder Quest in Fortnite

This is what the “placeholder” message in Fortnite means and how you can finish this Placeholder quest.
How To Complete Placeholder Quest in Fortnite
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If you have recently played Fortnite, you may have noticed a strange message in some of the Quests: “Placeholder”. This article will explain what placeholder means and how to complete this challenge.

The Placeholder quest is an addition to the series of Snapshot Quests designed for Doctor Slone, one of the characters in the Fortnite storyline. Snapshot Quests involve players taking pictures of locations or objects using the in-game camera feature.

These quests often delve into the lore and hidden aspects of the Fortnite universe. However, there is currently an issue with this quest as it displays text instead of providing actual objectives.

How To Finish The Placeholder Quest In Fortnite

There is a mysterious Doctor Slone quest in Fortnite that appeared on August 7. It doesn’t give you any instructions, but some players have found out that doing an emote in a match can earn you XP and finish the quest.

As a result, you must perform an emote within a capture point to successfully complete the Placeholder quest in Fortnite. Capture points are areas where you can take control of a flag and earn rewards.

If you want to complete your quest quickly, you should go to Shattered Slabs, a location in the west part of the Fortnite map, near Frenzy Fields. When you get there, look for the circle on the ground that marks the capture point and stand inside it.

Every Capture Point location in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3
Every Capture Point location in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. (Picture: Epic Games)

Once you are inside the designated area, feel free to choose any emote you prefer, such as a dab or dance move. A notification will then appear confirming your completion of the quest.

The reward for finishing the Placeholder quest is 30K XP, which aids in leveling up your Battle Pass and unlocking items and skins. It’s worth noting that three other placeholder quests are mentioned in the quests menu but are currently unavailable.

They are included in the Snapshot Quests and the Reboot Rally quests, both of which provide rewards like loading screens, sprays, and an emote known as Burn Bright.