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How To Find and Beat Fortnite Inkquisitor Boss To Get Mythic SMG

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to locate and defeat the Inkquisitor Boss in Fortnite, and claim the Mythic SMG as your reward.
How To Find and Beat Fortnite Inkquisitor Boss To Get Mythic SMG

Now that Halloween is in full swing with the arrival of Fortnitemares, Fortnite players can now enjoy some of the spookiest content of the year. From the Howler Claws to tear apart your enemies, to the Inkquisitor boss that you can defeat and obtain the Mythic SMG as a reward.

If you're planning on taking on this boss yourself and need some help, then you're in the right place. Below we will walk you through exactly how to locate, and defeat the Inkquisitor boss, and of course, get the Mythic SMG as a reward for your efforts. 

Fortnite Inkquisitor Boss - Location

With the Fortnitemares update, a brand-new boss called “The Inkquisitor” was added to the game. One of the Forenitemares quests can be completed by assisting in the defeat of the Inkquisitort; once defeated, they'll drop their Mythic Suppressed SMG and a Pumpkin Launcher.

Fornite Inkquisitor Boss Location How To Beat & Mythic SMG summoned in the basement of the Grim Gables
You can find and summon the Inkquisitor in the basement of the Grim Gables. (Picture: YouTube / Fortnite Events)

Unlike other bosses in the game, the Inkquisitor will not automatically spawn and roam the map when the match starts. Instead, players have to summon the NPC by first heading to the POI called Grim Gables, which is located southeast of Chromejam Junction.

Once there, you'll need to summon the Inkquisitor to battle it by going underground to the mine shafts and standing in the center of the circle of candles. This will reveal the powerfull boss that you need to put down. 

Fortnite Inkquisitor Boss - How To Beat and get the Mythic SMG

To take on the Inkquisitor safely, you are going to require full health, shields, and a plethora of high-end weapons. The boss is regarded as one of the hardest to date since Grim Gables is also constantly invaded by strong zombies and zombified animals, so be sure to watch your back while fighting it.

Inkquisitor will also have a deadly loadout of his own, so don't expect it to be a "damage sponge" that just stands around waiting to get picked off. The boss is equipped with a Mythic Suppressed SMG, a Pumpkin Launcher, and an endless supply of flammable Firefly jars, and to make things more intense, it also has a large amount of health and shields.

Fortnite Inkquisitor Boss Location How To Beat & Mythic SMG keep your distance to defeat it and gain the Mythic SMG
Keep your distance from the Inkquisitor until it is defeated and you gain the Mythic SMG. (Picture: YouTube / Fortnite Events)

To come out on top, just be sure to keep your distance, avoiding the fire and explosions, until you eventually deplete the Inkquisitor's large health bar. And after finally defeating the boss, you can take the Inquisitor's Suppressed SMG for yourself, which has a fire rate stat of 7.8 and deals 24 damage per shot.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / FN_Assist.