Lady Gaga and Ninja 'feud' points towards future Fortnite collab

A humourous exchange between the popstar and the streamer looks likely to be promotion for a future Fortnite stream involving the pair.
Lady Gaga and Ninja 'feud' points towards future Fortnite collab
Lady Gaga and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins have had an unexpected exchange of Tweets following Fortnite going dark for 'The End' event to conclude 'Chapter 1' of the game and make way for Season 1 of Chapter 2.

It all started when Lady Gaga asked a simple question:

A mass of replies from the likes of Twitter Gaming, Pornhub, Discord, HyperX and even Smash Melee legend Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman followed.

Ninja also replied to the Tweet using various Lady Gaga song titles to invite the singer to play with him.

Instead of simply replying, Lady Gaga posted another question. While it was to Ninja, she made sure it could be seen by all of her followers.

Ninja's own response referenced his successful stream with Canadian rapper Drake.

It seems unlikely that Lady Gaga, someone who plays video games including Bayonetta, and has been on the internet for more than five minutes is unaware of Fortnite. While not knowing about Ninja is possible, he has also become a mainstream figure representing gaming with prominent ad campaigns and even an appearance on The Masked Singer a few weeks ago.

Many are expecting this to lead to another stream collaboration, with Lady Gaga joining Ninja on Mixer following his migration from Twitch, but this would be unusual considering Ninja's previous stance on playing with women on stream.

As he respected his wife Jessica "JGhosty" Blevins, who is also his manager, too much to allow 'rumours' to spread as a result of playing with women, Ninja stated the only way to avoid it 'is to not play with them at all'.

It is possible Lady Gaga could be involved in a Marshmello-style in-game concert to celebrate the new island in Fortnite instead, possibly bringing skins based on her iconic old outfits to the Item Store in the future.