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All New Weapons Released In Fortnite v22.10

Fortnite v22.10 update is now live and it has added a ton of new stuff to the game. Here are all the new weapons that have been added.
All New Weapons Released In Fortnite v22.10

Just before its weekly reset, Epic Games has dropped the massive Fortnite v22.10 update for the game's ongoing season Paradise. This includes new weapons, new holo-chests, new Halloween cosmetics, new Super Style skins, and more.

As always, Epic Games has also vaulted and unvaulted some weapons and items. The DMR has been vaulted, but Epic has brought a better replacement. Here are all the new weapons released in the Fortnite v22.10 update.

Every New Weapon in Fortnite v22.10 Update

cobra dmr fortnite
Cobra DMR has been added to Fortnite via update v22.10. (Picture: Epic Games)

Two new weapons have been added in the Fortnite v22.10 update. They are the Cobra DMR and the Explosive Goo Gun. You may recall seeing the adhesive spraying Explosive Goo Gun in action in the Fortnite Paradise battle pass trailer from last month.

The Cobra DMR comes in six different variants. They are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. Both Cobra DMR and Explosive Goo Gun are part of the ground loot, so expect to find them in chests, on the floor, in drop pods, from reality fruits, and through vending machines. You can get a Mythic Cobra DMR by planting a Reality Fruit.

Where it lacks in damage, the Explosive Goo Gun makes up with its high fire rate. Combine the atrocities of the Goo Gun with the power of Chrome, and you may have a shot at getting that victory crown.

fortnite goo gun
The explosive Goo Gun is another new addition to Fortnite via the v22.10 update. (Picture: Epic Games)

Overall, the Explosive Goo Gun looks like a fun addition that should only improvise the Chrome-infused gameplay this season is aiming for. 
The launch pad has also been unvaulted, and according to notable Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey, you can use it to launch yourself in the air and deploy a glider. 

In other news, the latest update has also unvaulted the fan-favorite Grapple Glove, which means you can once again swing to and fro within the island. Grapple Gloves are part of the ground loot, so expect to find them in chests, on the ground, in drop pods, and legendary reality fruits.

That's all the new weapons released in the Fortnite V20.10 update.
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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.