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Genshin Impact Baizhu: Release Date, Abilities, Constellations, More

Baizhu is finally arriving in Genshin Impact 3.6 update as a playable character after a long wait, and here is everything you need to know about him.
Genshin Impact Baizhu: Release Date, Abilities, Constellations, More

Baizhu will be the 5-star character coming to Genshin Impact 3.6 update, and he was the first dendro character to make an appearance in the game but as an NPC. He is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor and Qiqi's guardian. He has been one of the most popular characters in the game because of his unique design and kindness. 

He will be a 5-star Dendro character, and as per the leaks, he is a Catalyst user because he has a lot of health problems, and he needs a magical weapon to stay healthy and battle against enemies. While HoYoverse has not revealed all the details about Baizhu, Honey Impact, a prominent leaker, has leaked all the information regarding him, including his release date, abilities, and more. 

Genshin Impact: Baizhu Release Date

Baizhu is speculated to be a 5-star character in Genshin Impact.
Baizhu is speculated to be a 5-star character in Genshin Impact. (Picture: HoYoverse)

While HoYoverse has not revealed the release date of Baizhu's banner, we expect it to be available on April 12, which is the speculated launch date of the Genshin Impact 3.6 update. You will be able to pull him from his banner by using Intertwined Fates, and each one of them will cost you 160 Primogems.

Baizhu Abilities, Passive Talents, and Constellations

Baizhu's abilities in Genshin Impact.
Baizhu's abilities in Genshin Impact. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Baizhu's Attack Talents

  • Normal Attack: Performs up to 4 attacks that deal Dendro DMG to opponents in front of him.
  • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal AoE Dendro DMG to opponents in front of him after a short casting time.
  • Plunging Attack: Calling upon the might of Dendro, Baizhu plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in his path. Deals AoE Dendro DMG upon impact with the ground.

Elemental Skill - Universal Diagnosis

  • Controls a Gossamer Sprite that cruises and attacks nearby opponents, dealing Dendro DMG.
  • After it performs 3 attacks or if there are no opponents nearby, the Sprite will return, healing all nearby party members based on Baizhu's Max HP.

Elemental Burst - Healing Holism

Enters the Pulsing Edict state, creating a Seamless Shield. While in this state, Baizhu will generate a new Seamless Shield every 2s.

The Seamless Shield will unleash a Spiritvein to heal the active character(s) based on Baizhu's Max HP and attack opponents, dealing Dendro DMG under the following circumstances:

  • When a character is under the protection of a Seamless Shield and a new Seamless Shield is generated.
  • When the Seamless Shield's effects expire, or when it is shattered.

Baizhu's Passive Talents

  • Herbal Nourishment: When Baizhu is in the party, interacting with certain collectible items will heal your current active character for 2.5% of Baizhu's Max HP.
  • Five Fortunes Forever: Baizhu gains different effects according to the current HP of your current active character:
    • When their HP is less than 50%, Baizhu gains 20% Healing Bonus.
    • When their HP is equal to or more than 50%, Baizhu gains 25% Dendro DMG Bonus.
  • All Things Are of the Earth: Characters who are healed by Healing Holism will gain the Year of Verdant Favor effect: Each 1,000 Max HP that Baizhu possesses below 50,000 will increase the Burning, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon reaction DMG dealt by these characters by 2%, while the Aggravate and Spread reaction DMG dealt by these characters will be increased by 0.8%. This effect lasts 6s.

Baizhu's Constellations

  • Even the Slightest Groan: Universal Diagnosis gains 1 additional charge.
  • Skilled of Hand: When Baizhu's active party member hits an opponent with their attacks, Baizhu will use Gossamer Sprite: Splice.
    • Gossamer Sprite: Splice can initiate 1 attack that deals 300% Dendro DMG and 20% of Universal Diagnosis' healing.
    • DMG dealt this way is considered Elemental Skill DMG.
    • This effect can be triggered once every 5s.
  • All Aspects Stabilized: Increases the Level of Healing Holism by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Ancient Perception: For 15s after Healing Holism is used, Baizhu will increase all nearby party members' Elemental Mastery by 80.
  • Hidden Shifting Signs: Increases the Level of Universal Diagnosis by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Aura Flow: Increases the DMG dealt by Healing Holism's Spiritveins by 10% of Baizhu's Max HP. Additionally, when Gossamer Sprite or Gossamer Sprite: Splice hit opponents, there is a 100% chance of generating one of Healing Holism's Seamless Shields. This effect can only be triggered once by a Gossamer Sprite or Gossamer Sprite: Splice.

We will update this page if there'll be any changes to the information above.