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Genshin Impact Characters Birthdays: Arlecchino

Want to celebrate the birthday of your favorite Genshin Impact character? Find out when it is here.
Genshin Impact Characters Birthdays: Arlecchino

Genshin Impact has over 50 characters at the moment, and the list is constantly expanding, with newer ones getting released with every new update. Each character has their own storyline that makes Travelers attached to them, and to celebrate their birthdays, HoYoverse and the community make special posts about them. 

In addition to this, HoYoverse also sends them gifts via in-game mail on this special occasion. If you are wondering when the birthdays of each character are celebrated, here is the list of the dates and the gifts you will get.

Genshin Impact Character Birthdays and Gifts

Birthdays of all characters in Genshin Impact.
Birthdays of all characters in Genshin Impact. (Picture: HoYoverse)

We have listed all the birthday dates of Genshin Impact characters below, and the list is sorted by months. 

Character Name Birthday Date
Traveler Players can set themselves
Arlecchino TBA
Charlotte April 10
Xianyun April 11
Chiori August 17
Yelan April 20
Kirara January 22
Chevreuse January 10
Wanderer January 3
Lyney February 2
Lynette February 2
Freminet September 24
Baizhu April 25
Kaveh July 9
Thoma January 9
Diona January 18
Rosaria January 24
Alhaitham February 11
Beidou  February 14
Kokomi February 22
Bennett February 29
Qiqi March 3
Yaoyao March 6
Shenhe March 10
Jean March 14
Noelle March 21
Ayato March 26
Aloy April 4
Dehya April 7 
Xiao April 17
Diluc April 30
Candace May 3
Collei May 8
Gorou May 18
Yun Jin May 21
Fischl May 27
Paimon June 1
Itto June 1
Lisa June 9
Venti June 16
Yoimiya June 21
Cyno June 23
Raiden Shogun June 26
Yae Miko June 27
Barbara July 5
Sara July 14
Hu Yao July 15
Childe July 20
Heizou July 24
Klee July 27
Gaming December 22
Kuki Shinobu July 27
Yanfei July 28
Amber August 10
Mika August 11
Faruzan August 20
Ningguang August 26
Mona August 31
Chongyun September 7
Razor September 9
Albedo September 13
Ayaka September 28
Xingqiu October 9
Xinyan October 16
Sayu October 19
Eula October 25
Nahida October 27
Kazuha October 29
Xiangling November 2
Keqing November 20
Sucrose November 26
Kaeya November 30
Ganyu December 2
Furina October 13
Wriothesley November 23
Nilou December 3
Layla December 19
Neuvillette December 18
Dori December 21
Tighnari December 29
Zhongli December 31

We will keep updating this page whenever new characters are available in the game, so make sure to keep an eye on it.