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Genshin Impact players ask for Spiral Abyss update upon Labyrinth Warriors' success

Genshin players are calling for changes to Spiral Abyss following the commercial success of the Labyrinth Warriors event.
Genshin Impact players ask for Spiral Abyss update upon Labyrinth Warriors' success

Travelers have been enjoying the Genshin Impact 2.2 update dungeon crawler event, Labyrinth Warriors, so much so that it became a hit with players. The event has been widely praised for its effective grind that many preferred the event over Spiral Abyss.

Granted, Spiral Abyss is one of the game’s arduous domains; however, many have complained over the domain’s rewards as they climb up the Abyss. While this domain is important for setting up what little plans miHoYo have towards post-endgame content, it doesn’t help that the rewards decrease at higher levels, making the Abyss less appealing to complete.

In addition to this, Spiral Abyss has gotten tiresome, and as such, it is slowly losing favour with Travelers, but some have found ways miHoYo can change things up.

Genshin players discuss plausible Spiral Abyss domain

Travelers have been vocal on the internet as many have asked miHoYo to make the Labyrinth Warriors a permanent inclusion to the game; more specifically, Mystic Onmyou Chamber, as a permanent domain.

The Labyrinth Warriors event has become a hit with players. (Picture: miHoYo)

On Genshin Impact’s Reddit forum, one user, dropnation40, created a Discussion thread on why they want miHoYo to instate the Labyrinth Warriors as a permanent domain. They also added that given how notorious Spiral Abyss’ difficulty is, the success of the Labyrinth Warriors event is proof that an adjustment to the Abyss’ difficulty can benefit Travelers long-term.

“Honestly, I think the enemy difficulty should be optional, providing its own rewards, but a test run area for characters you’re building so you’re not getting one-shotted or doing no damage without a buff or debuff in other domains,” dropnation40 commented.

Another user, zupalex, elaborated on how the event’s design and layout could be implemented in other domains, like Spiral Abyss. “It’s about the design itself, not the difficulty. The enemies’ strength can easily be tweaked. I’d take this any day over one room abyss or domain.”

A discussion thread also suggested changes to the Spiral Abyss domain aside from the enemy difficulty and domain layout and design. One Redditor wrote that eliminating the Abyss timers can give the domain a new appeal to players. 

“Watching some floating blue cube teleport around being untargetable while a timer ticks over your head is one of the most frustrating things I’ve experienced in a video [game] since a long time.” gommii posted.

Furthermore, they expressed their true feelings toward Spiral Abyss, which many can agree with.

Genshin players have expressed their disdain over the Spiral Abyss domain on Reddit recently. (Picture: miHoYo)

Both Reddit threads received a considerable amount of attention over the past few days. While many added their thoughts to the discussion, it would be rather interesting if miHoYo would listen to the community.


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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.