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Genshin Impact Paimon's Starlight Expedition Answers

Here is the complete list of correct answers to Paimon's Starlight Expedition Web Event.
Genshin Impact Paimon's Starlight Expedition Answers

Paimon's Starlight Expedition, the latest web event in Genshin Impact for Character OST Album, is now available for players to participate till January 18. In this event, you will have to unlock five character tracks and share the event in order to earn a redemption code that you can use to get free rewards. 

You must have an Adventure Rank 10 or above in order to play Paimon's Starlight Expedition, and go to its official website. After that, log in with your Genshin Impact account and listen to a few tracks and identify which character they are related to. You will find some clues to help you find out the answers, but if you don't, we have provided the complete list of Paimon's Starlight Expedition answers below.

Paimon's Starlight Expedition Answers

Genshin Impact Paimon's Starlight Expedition Web Event Answers.
Genshin Impact Paimon's Starlight Expedition Web Event Answers. (Picture: HoYoverse/Rabia)

There are a total of 17 tracks, and you will have to answer five of them correctly. With every correct answer, you will earn points, and if your answer is wrong, you will get more hints. The lesser number of hints you need to find out the solution, the more points you will gather.

Here are the answers to each track, so that you can complete the Paimon's Starlight Expedition web event quickly.

  • Track 1 Answer -Arataki Itto
  • Track 2 Answer - Shenhe
  • Track 3 Answer -  Kamisato Ayato
  • Track 4 Answer -  Yelan
  • Track 5 Answer -  Nilou
  • Track 6 Answer -  Nahida
  • Track 7 Answer -  Gorou
  • Track 8 Answer - Yun Jin
  • Track 9 Answer -  Yae Miko    
  • Track 10 Answer -  Kuki Shinobu 
  • Track 11 Answer -  Tighnari 
  • Track 12 Answer -  Collei  
  • Track 13 Answer -  Candace    
  • Track 14 Answer -  Shikanoin Heizou   
  • Track 15 Answer -  Dori  
  • Track 16 Answer - Cyno  
  • Track 17 Answer -  Layla

The code that you will receive can be redeemed on the official Genshin Impact Redemption website for 40 Primogems; however, keep in mind that the number of rewards are limited to 3 Million. So, make sure to complete the web event quickly. In addition to this, the code will be valid till January 25, 23:59 (UTC+8).