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GINX Esports TV enters Austria

GINX Esports TV has entered into partnership with M7 Group to expand the channel’s reach in Europe. From March 1st, M7 Group’s hybrid DTH television platform HD Austria offers its customers the leading esports TV channel: GINX Esports TV. GINX Esports TV provides unique round-the-clock esports coverage, catering to all esports communities. Its international success lies in its ability to offer both international and local perspectives to its viewers, featuring prestigious esports tournaments together with news, documentaries and live entertainment shows produced at its London headquarters. Michiel Bakker, CEO for GINX Esports TV says, “Esports influence is growing exponentially and so is the appetite for an esports channel. We are delighted to launch GINX Esports TV for the first time in Austria on HD Austria. By making our esports network available for the first time there, we intend to increase our support to the local esports scene, events and leagues.” The launch marks the world’s biggest esports channel’s entry to Austria. GINX Esports TV is part of HD Austria’s hybrid offering, which reaches over 55 million homes worldwide through the internet. The channel can be received via the HD Austria Kombi package with the HD Austria satellite receiver (MZ-101) or recorder (MP-201), the Samsung EVO-S satellite receiver and, finally, the HD Austria TV app for smart TV sets, smartphones, tablets and laptops or the web player via the internet. The new channel will appear automatically in the channel list, a search is not necessary.

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