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Alienware reveals new portable PC prototype inspired by Nintendo Switch

Alienware might be known for high-spec gaming PCs, but their latest project looks to distil the experience into a portable device.
Alienware reveals new portable PC prototype inspired by Nintendo Switch

The new prototype titled Concept UFO was revealed at CES 2020, which is essentially a Nintendo Switch-like handheld which plays PC games.  

As seen in the first picture below, the device looks slightly bulkier in comparison to the Switch. It’s also built in a similar fashion, with two attachable controllers connected to a handheld Windows 10 tablet. 

The prototype is available to try on the show floor at CES in Las Vegas, with a hands-on from CNET confirming it has many features of the Switch; including a kickstand, a gamepad unit for the two detachable controllers and the ability to output to a bigger display at home.  

They also played shooter World War Z and described it as “surprisingly playable” on the device.

Following the Dell press conference at CES 2020, specifics about the device emerged in a blog post, detailing how it features an 8'' screen with 1900x1200 resolution. 

It also uses 10th generation Intel Core processors, along with WiFi, Bluetooth and Thunderbolt functionality. 

"We've spent the last few months testing and enhancing the buttons, the weight, all to strike a perfect balance between performance, ultra-mobility and battery life," the post reads. 

It’s important to note this is merely a prototype which may not see an official release, but the fact Alienware are making it public suggests they’re gauging its consumer appeal. 

A large part of Nintendo’s success with the Switch is the ability to play top titles on the move, so the possibility of a device which expands this to all PC titles certainly sounds like an ideal concept.  

While there’s big questions over battery life and how it’ll cope with more demanding titles, Concept UFO could be the next step to making PC gaming more accessible.

You can watch the Dell CES press conference stream below.