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Cooler Master MM720 gaming mouse review

Cooler Master’s newest gaming mouse checks all of the boxes.
Cooler Master MM720 gaming mouse review

Released in early 2021, the MM720 gaming mouse is Cooler Master’s latest entry to the lightweight mouse market. It features an ultra-lightweight design, RGB lighting, gaming-centric sensors and switches and a honeycomb style shell. The mouse also comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes. 

Speaking of colours, designer NachoCustomz has released five different colourways for the MM720, as seen in the image above. These five colourways are paired with the traditional black and white colour schemes that the mouse originally launched with. The designs by NachoCustomz will be available on Cooler Master’s website in September of 2021 for $99. This is a hike from the standard price of $45. Although, the original mice will be on sale on the 4th of July on Amazon

Recently, GINX received the standard MM720 mouse for review. This is following our review on the SK622 mechanical keyboard from Cooler Master yesterday. Though, the MM720 mouse is a much better product, in our opinion, and checks all of the boxes for a modern gaming mouse. 


Cool Master MM720The MM720 in white. (Picture: Hardware Zone)

At its core, the MM720 is a gaming mouse that can also be used for productivity and workflow. For users who might not be used to a lightweight mouse, this new model from Cooler Master will be a huge adjustment. However, it’s ultimately a good adjustment. We used the MM720 for the better part of a week and got used to the weight within the first couple of days. Now, it seems impossible to go back to a heavier mouse for gaming or work purposes. 

The mouse is easily moved from side to side, providing a great experience when playing intensive esports titles like CS:GO, League of Legends or Call of Duty. This is also helped by the optical sensors on the bottom side of the mouse. These sensors allow users complete freedom when it comes to DPI, which is adjustable on the fly. The sensors also make it so users can easily move their mouse from side to side on the mousepad.

As for the actual function of the mouse, the switches in both the left and right side are optical switches. These kinds of switches use a laser to register every click, making it much more responsive and ensures that even the lightest click will be registered. This also makes it so the debounce time of the mouse is essentially zero, meaning the clicks register instantly. 

Aside from the switches, the MM720 also comes equipped with two side buttons and the scroll wheel button. The side buttons are fairly responsive, though not as large as other mice on the market. So users who are used to larger side buttons might have to go through an adjustment period. In regards to the scroll wheel, it features a silent design that is barely heard and doesn’t have any noticeable stops when scrolling. 

Finally, the MM720 is completely protected against the elements, namely liquid and dust. During intense gaming sessions, we didn’t feel any palm sweat on the mouse and as of writing, no dust has built up in the mouse. While we didn’t try to spill any water on it, we trust Cooler Master at their word


Cooler Master MM720 mouseThe RGB of the MM720. (Picture: Cooler Master)

The only other aspect when reviewing a gaming mouse is appearance. The MM720, as previously mentioned, features a honeycomb shell that doesn’t weigh almost anything. According to Cooler Master, the mouse comes in at 49 grams or .108 pounds. 

As for the actual shape of the mouse, it features an ergonomic claw design that is more meant for smaller to medium-sized hands. Users with larger hands should still be able to use the mouse but it might require some varying finger and hand placements. The side of the mouse features a finger rest for the user’s ring finger, which might take some getting used to for those who have used a standard-shaped mouse in the past. 

In regards to RGB, the MM720 is pre-equipped with a pink/purple-lit scroll wheel and the same colour coming from inside of the honeycomb shell. This colour can be changed with the MasterPlus+ software, however. Although, one neat function of the RGB is that colour can be assigned to different DPI settings, so players can instantly know what DPI they’re currently using. The RGB itself isn’t too bright but serves its purpose of lighting up the mouse.

Cooler Master MM720The honeycomb shell of the MM720 with its RGB. (Picture: Cooler Master)

The last aspect of the appearance of the MM720 is the cable that’s attached to it. The cable is an “ultraweave cable” that allows for easy movement of the mouse. It’s also simple to attach to a mouse bungie but with this cable, there’s not really a need for one. The ultraweave cable doesn’t snag on anything and is fairly free in its design. Like the mouse itself, it’s extremely lightweight in design. 


The Cooler Master MM720 gaming mouse is easily one of the best lightweight mice on the market for its price point. Its design and weight make for a terrific gaming experience but it doesn’t compromise when it comes to workflow either. Whether you’re a professional gamer or someone looking for a new desk mouse, the MM720 should be able to serve all of your needs.