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How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle: Solution

Navigate the checkboard easily by learning how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle.
How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle: Solution

Hogwarts Legacy features many exciting puzzles and quests, ranging from simple tasks to more challenging endeavors. However, one puzzle that won't give you much trouble is the chess puzzle located in Poidsear Coast. Unlike the Key of Admittance puzzle, which you can read more about in a separate guide, the chess puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy is relatively straightforward and easy to complete.

But don't let its simplicity fool you. While it requires relatively minimal thinking, you will need both the Transformation and Windgardium Leviosa spells, which you'll learn later in the game. So, if you're ready, let's get started. This guide will detail everything about how to solve the chess puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy quickly and claim the rewards that await you on the other side of the chessboard.

Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle Solution Guide

chess puzzle location hogwarts legacy
The chess puzzle is located inside a Treasure Vault by Poidsear Coast. (Picture: YouTube / ConCon)

Before you can solve the chess puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, you'll need to travel to Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast, southeast of Hogwarts Valley. This is where the chess puzzle is located. You can find the Treasure Vault at the top right area of the region. Next, you'll need to find a way inside the vault; use Depulso to spin the two objects beside the gate to enter the vault.

Inside the Treasure Vault, you'll find the chess puzzle requiring two spells: Transformation and Windgardium Leviosa. The first spell you'll need is the Transformation spell, which you'll use to transform the little pot on the ground into the bishop chess piece. Once you've changed the pot into a bishop, use Windgardium Leviosa to move it into a position that will Checkmate the enemy (as illustrated in the image below).

hogwarts legacy chess puzzle solution
Move the bishop into the position shown to Checkmate the enemy. (Picture: YouTube / ConCon)

This position will be in a little gray spot in front of one of your other pieces. When you move the bishop into this position, a treasure chest will spawn, ending the quest. And that's it! This chess puzzle is relatively easy to solve, and with the help of this guide, you should have no trouble claiming the treasure that awaits you.

That's everything you need to know to complete the chess puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. We hope this guide has been helpful in your journey through the wizarding world. If you're still struggling, check out the video by YouTuber ConCon below to help you. But why stop there? If you want to learn more about the game or need further assistance with other puzzles and quests, check out our Hogwarts Legacy hub page for additional resources and guides.