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Hogwarts Legacy Kitchen Location: How To Get To The Kitchen

Ever wondered how the delicious food arrived at the tables at The Great Hall? Learn how to find the Hogwarts Kitchen in Hogwarts Legacy.
Hogwarts Legacy Kitchen Location: How To Get To The Kitchen

The legendary Great Hall is a great location if you wish to spend some time socializing between classes or after school, attend school meetings, or need a safe place to do revision work. Synonymous with the Harry Potter novels and film series, you can find a Floo Flame and a few Field Guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy.

It's also the starting point in finding the equally famous Hogwarts Kitchen, which in the novels, Fred and George Weasley had explained to Hermoine Granger how to access it. And should you remember, it should make locating it relatively easy as it's situated right below The Great Hall, but if you still need to, here's how to find it in Hogwarts Legacy.

REMINDER - Hogwarts Legacy was due to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, but now won't release until 5 May 2023.

How To Get To The Kitchen In Hogwarts Legacy

To access the Hogwarts Kitchen, head to The Grand Staircase Floo Flame location, turn around and head down the staircase behind you. It will take you to the Hufflepuff Common Room, which you can access even if you're not House Hufflepuff, as you walk down the corridor with portraits of food to your right.

Locate a large portrait; when approaching it, a prompt will appear asking you to "Tickle the Pear," but using Revelio will uncover the Pear Portrait Guide Page. Its description will inform you that ticking the pear in the still-life portrait will see the pear "giggle" before the fruit transforms into a doorknob.

This allows you safe entry to the famous Hogwarts Kitchen area, which you can explore. You'll also find that the tables found in the kitchen are replicas of the ones found in The Great Hall and even laid out the same, which it's how the food magically appears on the tables at The Great Hall above.

hogwarts legacy locations guide the hogwarts kitchen how to find pear portrait tickle the pear prompt
Approach the Pear Portrait and tickle the pear for a doorknob to magically appear. (Picture: YouTube / ESO)

If you navigate to the center of the Hogwarts Kitchen and use Revelio, another Field Guide Page will appear, the Kitchen Tables. This also provides insight into how the kitchen elves prepare the tables and how placing food on them sees it magically appear at The Great Hall.

You may spot ghosts flying around this area, and you can help yourself with some sweet or savory treats while you're here. A chest can also be found near the cleaning station, and another Field Guide Page near the House-elf Living Quarters.

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Hogwarts Legacy Kitchen Location: How To Get To The Kitchen FAQ

How do you get to the Kitchen in Hogwarts Legacy?

To access the Hogwarts Kitchen, head to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame location and turn around. Go down the staircase behind you, pass by the Hufflepuff Common Room, and find the large portrait. "Tickle the Pear" in the portrait to reveal the doorknob and gain entry to the kitchen.

What can you find in the Hogwarts Kitchen in Hogwarts Legacy?

In the Hogwarts Kitchen in Hogwarts Legacy, you can find a chest near the cleaning station, as well as a Field Guide Page about the Kitchen Tables. You may also encounter ghosts flying around and enjoy some sweet or savory treats.

How do you uncover the Pear Portrait in Hogwarts Legacy?

To uncover the Pear Portrait in Hogwarts Legacy, approach the large portrait in the corridor near the Hufflepuff Common Room. Use the Revelio spell, and the Pear Portrait Guide Page will appear. Follow the instructions to "Tickle the pear," and it will transform into a doorknob, granting you access to the Hogwarts Kitchen.