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Honkai Star Rail Characters Birthdays List

Want to celebrate the birthday of your favorite Honkai: Star Rail character? Find out when it is here.
Honkai Star Rail Characters Birthdays List

Honkai: Star Rail has over 20 characters at the moment, and the list is constantly expanding, with newer ones getting released with every new update. Each character has their own storyline that makes Trailblazers attached to them, and to celebrate their birthdays, HoYoverse and the community make special posts about them. 

In addition to this, HoYoverse also sends them gifts via in-game mail on this special occasion. If you are wondering when the birthdays of each character are celebrated, here is the list of the dates and the gifts you will get.

July 13 Update: The birthdays of Honkai: Star Rail characters are still not announced yet.

Honkai: Star Rail Character Birthdays and Gifts

Honkai: Star Rail characters birthdays list.
Honkai: Star Rail characters birthdays list. (Picture: HoYoverse)

As of now, HoYoverse has not revealed the characters' birthdays; however, we can expect them to reveal the dates soon. We have listed all the known birthday dates of Honkai: Star Rail characters below. You will receive a birthday cake on your birthday and can expect to receive free Credits, Stellar Jades, and more on other characters' birthdays.

Character Name Birthday Date
Arlan Not Known
Asta Not Known
Bailu Not Known
Bronya Not Known
Clara Not Known
Dan Heng Not Known
Fu Xuan Not Known
Gepard Not Known
Herta Not Known
Himeko Not Known
Hook Not Known
Jing Yuan Not Known
Kafka Not Known
Luka Not Known
Luocha Not Known
March 7th March 7
Natasha Not Known
Pela Not Known
Qingque Not Known
Sampo Not Known
Seele Not Known
Serval Not Known
Silver Wolf Not Known
Sushang Not Known
Tingyun Not Known
Trailblazer  You can set it yourself
Welt Not Known
Yanqing Not Known
Yukong Not Known

We will update this page once HoYoverse announces more information, so make sure to keep an eye on it.