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Lynx Honkai Star Rail: Release Date, Abilities, Eidolon, Path

Here is everything you need to know about Lynx in Honkai: Star Rail, including her release date, abilities, skills, traces, talents, and more.
Lynx Honkai Star Rail: Release Date, Abilities, Eidolon, Path
Honkai Star Rail Lynx (Picture: HoYoverse)

Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update has just gotten released, and the leaks for version 1.3 are already out. In addition to this, HoYoverse has officially announced that the next update will bring two new playable characters, Fu Xuan and Lynx, that players will be able to pull from their respective banners. Among these, Lynx is a 4-star Quantum character who follows the path of Abundance. 

While HoYoverse hasn't announced the character's details officially, leaks by Honey Impact have revealed her complete kit, including her abilities, eidolons, and more. Here's everything you need to know about Lynx in Honkai: Star Rail. 

Honkai Star Rail Lynx Release Date

Honkai Star Rail Lynx Release Date.
Honkai Star Rail Lynx Release Date. (Picture: HoYoverse/GINX)

While HoYoverse hasn't revealed Lynx's release date officially, as per the leaks by Inima_1, she will be a part of the version 1.3 phase 2 banner, which is expected to release on September 20. You will be able to pull her using Star Rail Special Passes, which can be purchased with Stellar Jades. 

Honkai Star Rail Lynx Abilities, Eidolon, and More

While HoYoverse hasn't revealed the details about Lynx officially, leaks by Honey Impact have given us information about her kit, and you can have a look at her abilities, eidolons, and more below.


  • Ice Axe Climbing Technique (Basic Attack): Deals Quantum DMG equal to 130% of the user's Max HP to a single enemy.
  • Salted Camping Can (Skill): Applies Survival Response and increases a single target ally’s Max HP by 8.75% of Lynx's Max HP + 256. If the target is a character on the Path of Destruction or Preservation, the chance of them being attacked by enemies will increase. Survival Response lasts for 2 turn (s). Restores the target's HP by 14% of Lynx's Max HP +410 points.
  • Snowfield Emergency Plan (Ultimate): Dispels 1 debuff(s) from all allies and immediately restores their HP equal to 15.75% of Lynx's Max HP + 461 points.

Talent: Outdoor Survival Experience

  • When using Lynx's Skill or Ultimate, applies continuous healing to the target ally for 2 turn(s), restoring HP equal to 4.2% of Lynx's Max HP + 123 at the start of each turn. If the target has Survival Response, the continuous healing effect additionally restores HP equal to 5.25% of Lynx's Max HP + 154.

Technique: Chocolate Energy Bat

  • After Lynx uses her Technique, at the start of the next battle, all allies are granted the continuous healing effect from her Talent for 2 turn(s).


  • Trekking with Ski Poles during Dawn (Eidolon 1): When healing allies with HP equal to or lower than 50%, Lynx's Outgoing Healing increases by 20%. This effect also works on continuous healing.
  • Noontide's Portable Stove (Eidolon 2): A target with Survival Response can resist debuff application for 1 time(s).
  • Afternoon's Avalanche Beacon (Eidolon 3): Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv.10. 
  • Bonfire Camping at Dusk (Eidolon 4): When Survival Response is gained, increases the target's ATK by an amount equal to 3% of Lynx's Max HP for 1 turn(s).
  • Aurora Red Tea at Evening (Eidolon 5): Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
  • Cartography at Twilight (Eidolon 6): Further increases the Survival Response Max HP increment effect, which is equal to 6% of Lynx's Max HP. Also increases Effect RES by 30%.

We will update this page if the official information is different from the leaked one, so make sure to keep an eye on it.