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League of Legends
League of Legends


Riot made huge waves when it announced that the 2018 NA LCS season was moving to a franchise model. Each team paid at least $10 million for a slot for membership - half the buy-in price of Overwatch League, but still enough to attract only the most serious investors. League of Legends has been one of the biggest esports of all time, and it finally has a structure to propel itself further into the mainstream. Accompanying the NA LCS into the future is the EU LCS which is still full of top tier endemic esports organisations. Though not franchised yet, the competition in the EU LCS is arguably a smidge better. Regular season matches run from January 20 to March 18, with finals dates yet to be announced. All matches during the NA season take place at the NA LCS studio in Los Angeles, so definitely pay it a visit if you’re in the area. Otherwise you can catch every big play from both leagues on Riot’s Twitch channel.