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League of Legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends LCS Semifinals Round-up

League Of Legend's LCS is coming to a season close, with the semifinals taking place this weekend to decide which teams will face one another in the finals. On the EU side we saw Splyce face H2K and G2 eSports battle Unicorns of Love, while in the NA LCS we saw Immortals play Cloud9 and TSM take on Counter Logic Gaming.

League Of Legends EU LCS Semifinals

The first game of the EU LCS semifinals kicked off with a confident start from H2K, who managed to claim enough of a lead with three early kills that Splyce never quite recovered from. This was a common theme for H2K in the series, too, each time it claiming a win by gaining an early gold advantage that was never followed up enough by Splyce. When Splyce won, however, it was never quite as confident, with early trades failing to show any dominant side. They were always late victories for the team, but when it counted they came out on top. Eventually the team went on to win the second game, losing the third but claiming its fourth and fifth for a 3-2 series win. The last game seemed much stronger for Splyce, ending the game with 14 kills to 3. G2 eSports took on Unicorns Of Love next in a series that was quite a close set - even if it was G2 eSports that eventually came out on top by game four. Both the first two games of the series provided plenty of teamfights, but often without many decisive winners as both sides often traded equally or were unable to contest objectives in their weakened state. This pattern continued in the third game, too, but it was ultimately G2 eSports that made the most of a late game advantage to push on for a 2-1 lead. The fourth game was a totally different story for the series though, with an early and obvious advantage going to G2 eSports - who had learnt who it's targets were and how to deal with them. Early on in the game, G2 had taken enough of a kill advantage that it was difficult for Immortals to find a weakness in its opposition. G2 eSports were able to quickly charge into Immortals’ base where the team had little to worry about to claim its third and final victory of the series. G2 eSports and Splyce will now face each other next week in the grand finals of the EU LCS.

League Of Legends NA LCS Semifinals

The Cloud9 versus Immortals was an exciting series, with all five games being played and C9 stealing victory in the finals match. It was a to-and-fro of a series, too, with the first game going to Immortals before Cloud9 fought back an equaliser in the second. It was a jam-packed match, too, which saw a great deal of significant events throughout its Xx minute playtime. For every teamfight advantage on one side, the other team would claim back an objective or two. This continued until a clutch inhibitor save gave postponed the game just long enough for Cloud9 to build up a healthy gold advantage - where it was able to push for the win. C9 managed to maintain this pressure in the third game, building up a lead in Xx and pushing for a 2-1 series lead. Cloud9 certainly looked the dominant force by game four, though, where its early advantages gave it a sizeable threat for Immortals to overcome. They did, though, managing to take control after a handful of teamfights in the mid point of the match that were decisive enough to claim 2-2 equaliser. It was apt, then, that the final game should be a bit closer. Though C9 were in charge for many of the key points in the game, Immortals wouldn't let the dream die so easily - holding the game out for 47 minutes until Cloud9 finally claimed its winning match. Team SoloMid versus Counter Logic Gaming was the most decisive of the weekend, however, with TSM barely letting up the whole series. To put this into perspective, there was barely any time where Counter Logic Gaming had a gold advantage over the entire series. What was interesting was how a visual error in the first game caused the game to restart, ditching a match that could've played out differently for CLG who had a lead in kills. From this restart, however, TSM did not let up, winning three straight matches in a row to claim the series comfortably and pushing CLG into a battle for third-place. Cloud9 and Team SoloMid will now face each other next weekend to decide who is the winner of the NA LCS Summer Split.