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League of Legends
League of Legends

League of Legends - Week 8 LCS Preview

After an amazing weekend of League at IEM Katowice where champions retained titles and fresh memes were born; the League of Legends Championship Series is back on this Thursday! For those of you new to eSports, League of Legends has a regular weekly schedule of matches in Spring and Summer all over the world. This week, we'll be giving you a rundown of what’s happening at the highest level of LoL weekly competition in both North America and Europe. What is the League Championship Series? (LCS) Now well into its 3rd year, the League of Legends Championship Series (commonly known as LCS) is League of Legends developer Riot Games' weekly league for the best teams in the world. With leagues present in all the major eSports regions, the EU and NA branches share a very similar structure to UK Premier League Football. The season is split into two halves in the Spring and Summer Splits. Each team plays two best of one games per week, playing each team twice. The top 6 placed teams will then go on to Best of 3 playoffs to decide the final standings. Victors will earn cash and League circuit points, which determine the teams that qualify for the illustrious 2016 World Championships during the Autumn. But beware! The bottom 3 teams at the end of each split will have to fight for their LCS lives vs the top 3 teams from the semi-pro league, the Challenger Series. Heading into the penultimate week of the spring split regular matches, it’s still all to play for. Check out the schedule below (thanks to lolesports.com for the graphics!) and our standout match on each of the days of competition, if you can't watch them all! EU LCS Week 8 Standings EU LCS Standigs Week 8     EU Day Two Week 8 GINX Match of Day 2 - EU LCS Fnatic vs Team Vitality - 7pm GMT/8PM CET, twitch.tv/lolesports Runners-up against all predictions at IEM Katowice, Fnatic have played more games at that tournament with rookie support Klaj than they've played regular games with him in the LCS so far. With the team building some synergy and with expectations riding high for a top 4 play off place; expect them to come crashing down vs tied first place Team Vitality. Fnatic showed a reliance on Rekkles’s pocket pick of hero Jhin in their standout performance last week - expect Jhin to be banned or countered by a versatile Vitality. Prediction - Team Vitality NA LCS NA LCS Week 8 NA Day One Week 8 GINX Match of Day 1 NA LCS Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid Back to the casualties of IEM... CLG had tournament winning hopes heading into the tournament but met defeat at the hands of Fnatic. Battered and bruised, CLG need to make a statement against Team Liquid, who can take a game off anyone on their good days. With their tournament hopes arguably dashed by a lack of presence from star toplaner Darshan, it’s time to show their big-picture game skills and awareness that they couldn’t flex last weekend. Prediction - CLG NA Day Two Week 8 GINX Match of Day 2 NA LCS NRG eSports vs Team Liquid When the rumblings of the roster for NRG eSports were made concrete, NRG looked to be a top contender with a mix of homegrown talent in Altec paired with Korean veterans Impact and GBM. At the start of their split, they enjoyed a stretch at the top before crashing down the standings in a 3 week losing streak. NRG could be in for more pain against a Team Liquid looking buoyed by the recent performance of jungler Dardoch. Both are tied in the standings making this a campaign defining match for the both of them. Prediction - Team Liquid That’s what we think on the 8th pivotal week of the LCS! Agree, disagree or just want to chat some LoL eSports? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts and look out for Week 9’s preview same time next week. GG WP!