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Lies of P Fable Arts: How To Use & Unlock

Use your weapons to their fullest extent and unlock their hidden abilities with our guide on how to use Fable Arts in Lies of P.
Lies of P Fable Arts: How To Use & Unlock
Neowiz Games

As you fight your way through the city of Krat in Lies of P, you'll come up against increasingly powerful enemies and bosses. Now while your standard attacks will always be your bread and butter to get through most engagements, the Fable Arts system gives you an extra burst of raw power when you need it, and spoiler alert, you need it. 

If you're unfamiliar with the Fable Arts system in Lies of P or want a more in-depth look into the feature and how you can better incorporate it into your combat style, then we have you covered. Without further delay, below you can find everything you need to know to use the Fable Arts in Lies of P.

What are Fable Arts in Lies of P 

Before we get into the specifics of how Fable Arts functions within the game, let's first clarify what they entail and their role in battles. In essence, Fable Arts refers to the distinct abilities or special attacks attributed to each weapon and handle (which we'll explore further shortly).

Lies Of P How To Use Fable Arts What are they
Fabel Arts are unique offensive and defensive abilities that all weapons have in Lies of P. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

To provide additional context, there exist two categories of Fable Arts that you can utilize: Blade Fable Arts and Handle Fable Arts. In simple terms, Handle Fable Arts bolsters your defensive capabilities, allowing you to endure more hits than usual.

Conversely, Blade Fable Arts grants you access to a unique maneuver or combo attack corresponding to the type of blade you wield. For example, if you employ a rapier blade, your Fable Art will manifest as a potent sequence of swift and devastating strikes. On the other hand, if you opt for a broadsword, your Fable Art will deliver a slower yet remarkably forceful barrage of attacks.

How To Use Fable Arts

To employ Blade Fable Arts in Lies of P, simply press the Triangle or "Y" button to activate them. Likewise, for Handle Fable Arts, press Triangle while holding down the Guard button (L1 or LB) to apply the buff. However, utilizing Fable Arts has its cost, as they deplete your Fable slots. Fortunately, these slots can be replenished by engaging in combat and consistently dealing damage to foes or using Fable Catalysts.

Lies Of P How To Use Fable Arts Blade and Handle Fable Arts
Blade Fable Arts will grant you a powerful attack, while Handle Fable Arts grants you a defensive ability. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

While this concept is straightforward on paper, it can be challenging to execute effectively in practice. Handle Fable Arts are relatively uncomplicated to employ during battles, as you can activate them when entering a challenging or unfamiliar encounter.

Blade Fable Arts, on the other hand, poses a greater challenge in combat, especially when facing formidable or numerous adversaries. Despite their potency, using Blade Fable Arts doesn't grant you immunity, leaving you vulnerable to interruption by other foes if you're not vigilant.

Lies Of P How To Use Fable Arts Use in battle carefully
Using Fable Arts in battle can be tricky, so be sure to work on timing the attacks correctly, and using the defensive skills wisely to gain an advantage in battle. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

When facing larger enemies or bosses with Blade Fable Arts, it's advisable to trigger them when the enemy is staggered or in an attack cooldown phase. This is because your Blade Fable Arts won't stagger these foes as they would regular enemies, making it easier for them to counter your attack and disrupt your Blade Fable Art execution.

In conclusion, we recommend incorporating Fable Arts into your regular attacks to capitalize on stunning effects and allow you the flexibility to strike at the most opportune moments to vanquish your adversaries. This provides a comprehensive overview of the Fable Arts system and how to effectively employ it in battles in Lies of P.