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Lies of P Leveling Guide: How To Level Up fast

In this guide, we'll discuss how you can level up quickly in Lies of P and become strong enough to take on any challenge the game may throw your way.
Lies of P Leveling Guide: How To Level Up fast
Neowiz Games

Traversing the challenges of Lies of P can prove to be a daunting task, particularly for newcomers to the game. While you can acquire potent weapons to assist you, genuine survivability hinges on your character's levels. Sadly, similar to the Souls games that Lies of P draws its inspiration from, leveling up can be a grueling endeavor as the Ergo requirements increase exponentially with each subsequent level.

Fortunately, you won't be left to devise an effective leveling strategy on your own, as this guide is here to offer its assistance. Below, we will dissect some helpful tips and provide an optimal farming method to help you level up fast in Leis of P. 

How To Level Up Fast In Lies of P

Since Lies of P shares similarities with Bloodborne, there isn't a definitive method for quickly leveling up apart from acquiring substantial amounts of Ergo. Given this, the most effective way to level up is by eliminating all enemies, mini-bosses, and main bosses within an area.

How To Level Up Fast In Lies Of P Clearing an area as a tip
The best way to level up is to simply farm an area that has a high number of easy-to-kill enemies within it. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

Mini-bosses and bosses yield significantly more Ergo, albeit they are tougher adversaries and do not respawn. Consequently, it's advisable to prioritize defeating them (along with regular mobs in the area) before respawning the standard enemies and systematically clearing them to amass a substantial amount of Ergo.

Defeating these foes also presents an opportunity to obtain Ergo Fragments as loot drops, and bosses like the Parade Master can occasionally drop a higher-quality variant known as Rare Ergo. Players can utilize these items to swiftly accumulate Ergo, enabling them to level up and purchase items. However, it's not recommended to employ Rare Ergo for leveling unless you have no interest in the boss items offered by Alidoro in exchange for them.

Lies of P Leveling: Ergo Farming Routes

Additionally, selling items to Polendina, if you have no intention of using them, can serve as a means of gaining Ergo, although this method is relatively slow. Hence, the most effective way to expedite leveling is to locate a reliable XP farming spot. For instance, early on in the game, YouTuber Sofa Supastar Gaming suggests the Krat Central Station as an accessible XP farm. This location can be unlocked by defeating the mini-boss situated just outside the main entrance.

How To Level Up Fast In Lies Of P Farming tips
When it comes to farming, we recommend players choose the opening section of any area as they will lead you to a second Stargazer and allow you to work your way back. (Picture: Neowiz Games)

However, it's worth noting that this isn't the only XP farming spot in the game. In fact, we've discovered that each early section of every area in the game is a viable location for farming. The enemies are plentiful, and you can progress from the first Stargazer of a new area to the second, then backtrack and repeat this process to efficiently accumulate ample Ergo and Ergo Fragments for leveling.

In summary, these are practical and comprehensive tips for leveling up quickly and farming Ergo and Ergo Fragments in Lies of P. These guidelines provide a solid foundation for leveling, but don't hesitate to explore and experiment with different areas to discover your preferred farming routes. With these strategies, you'll be well-prepared to tackle any challenge Lies of P presents.