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How To Beat the Parade Master in Lies of P

Take down the tutorial boss in Lies of P as we show you how to defeat the Parade Master and conquer your very first boss of the game.
How To Beat the Parade Master in Lies of P
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Described as a self-proclaimed Souls-like game, Lies of P incorporates numerous hallmark elements found throughout the Souls series. These include Stargazers, which function similarly to Bonfires, and imposing, formidable bosses that must be vanquished to advance in the game.

Making a crucial first impression, the initial boss encounter in Lies of P introduces the Parade Master. While not the most formidable adversary, it certainly poses a challenge for newcomers. If you're seeking guidance on conquering this boss, rest assured, as we will provide a detailed walkthrough on how to defeat the Parade Master in Lies of P.

Parade Master General Encounter Tips

In Lies of P, the Parade Master stands as your initial boss encounter as you progress towards the central hub area, Hotel Krat. This formidable boss takes the form of a sizable bipedal puppet known for its powerful strikes and relative agility. Thankfully, its attack animations are not as swift.

Lies Of P How To Beat Parade Master General tips
For the Parade Master boss fight, you'll want to be light on your feet and avoid the boss's telegraphed attacks, only countering during/after its attack cooldowns. (Picture: YouTube / 옹발이 ONGBAL)

The Parade Master undergoes two distinct phases, with the first phase displaying somewhat less aggression compared to the second phase. In addition to its increased aggression, the boss wields its severed head as a weapon during the second stage, making its reach much wider and more dangerous. 

To emerge victorious from this battle, it is crucial to time your attacks carefully, capitalizing on moments when the boss executes a belly flop or during its attack cooldown periods. Attacking at other times will leave you vulnerable to its swipe and charging assaults.

Parade Master Moveset and Attacks

The Parade Master's battle phases involve distinct sets of attacks. In phase one, it employs three primary attacks, while phase two incorporates these same three attacks alongside a gap-closing maneuver and a ground slam. To help you keep track of its moves, here are the attacks to watch out for from the Parade Master:

Lies Of P How To Beat Parade Master Attacks to watch out for
Below are the attacks you'll need to watch out for during the two phases of the Parade Master boss fight. (Picture: YouTube / 옹발이 ONGBAL)

Phase 1:

  1. Belly flop
  2. Charge attack
  3. Sweeping attack using one or both of its hands

Phase 2:

  1. Rushing attack with its head/hammer
  2. Ground slam using its head/hammer

How To Defeat the Parade Master

While the Parade Master can unleash heavy attacks, the cooldown periods for these moves are quite lengthy. This presents your primary opportunity to inflict damage on the boss. Step away from the Parade Master and await its dash attack, which it consistently follows with either a slow jab or a slash. Dash to evade the subsequent strike, then execute a heavy attack combo before retreating. The boss may attempt to strike you again as you back away, but your quick reflexes should allow you to avoid it.

Lies Of P How To Beat Parade Master First phase tips
During the first phase, stay near the boss as you avoid its attacks to give you quick access to countering and dealing tons of damage as quickly as you can, letting you reach Phase 2 earlier. (Picture: YouTube / 옹발이 ONGBAL)

Repeat this strategy until the Parade Master's health is reduced to approximately 60%. At this point, the boss will remove a cage from its back and slam it into the ground, initiating phase two as it tears its head off that's attached to a metallic rod to use in battle, significantly increasing its attack range.

Fortunately, the boss retains the same vulnerability, albeit with a slightly altered pattern. Move away from it once more and observe its forward dash, which appears distinct. It now takes three swift steps forward. At the end of the third step, it executes a wide-sweeping attack to the right and then to the left. Dodge through both of these attacks, followed by a heavy attack before creating distance.

Lies Of P How To Beat Parade Master Second phase tips
During the second phase, you're going to follow a similar routine to phase one, except now you can be a bit less aggressive and focus on dealing damage without taking unnecessary hits until the boss falls. (Picture: YouTube / 옹발이 ONGBAL)

As in phase one, it is advised not to be overly aggressive, especially now, as you are more likely to be exposed to its extended-range attacks using the hammer. Step back and await the dash attack again. Repeat this approach until the Parade Master is vanquished.

Your reward for defeating the Parade Master includes the Parade Leader's Ergo, a Quartz, and exactly 1852 Ergo. The Quartz will be useful for your P-Organ, which you will unlock later in the game, while the Parade Leader's Ergo provides you with 5000 Ergo for upgrading to tackle the next area.