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Lies of P Photo Mode: Does the Game Have One?

In this guide, we discuss whether Lies of P has a photo mode and if you can capture images of your journey through the City of Krat.
Lies of P Photo Mode: Does the Game Have One?
Neowiz Games

The latest release from South Korean Developer Neowiz Games, Lies of P, has recently become available and is positioned as an innovative and fresh take on the Souls-Like genre. One of the initial aspects that will catch your attention upon launching the game is its distinctive and, in our view, exquisite art style. This may inspire you to want to capture certain unique moments in the game for later enjoyment.

Well, you're not alone, as many players wonder if the game includes a photo mode that would allow them to capture in-game screenshots of the stunning and intricate landscapes within the city of Krat. In this guide, we will delve into this very topic and explore whether Lies of P offers a functional photo mode within the game.

Does Lies of P Feature a Photo Mode?

As it stands currently, those who were hoping to capture some beautiful screenshots to share with friends during their journey in Lies of P might be somewhat disappointed, as there is currently no available photo mode in the game. Similar to the games that have served as significant sources of inspiration, the only way to capture images from the game's world is by pressing the capture button on your chosen controller, viewing the world from the perspective of the gameplay.

Does Lies Of P Have A Photo Mode Not currently but HUD can be removed
Currently, Lies of P does not feature a photo mode, however, players can remove the HUD via the settings to get some decent screenshots in-game. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

However, if you wish to take a few pictures before the action intensifies once again, you can navigate to the settings and disable the HUD. You can find this option under "Settings," followed by "Game," with the "HUD" setting being the first one presented. This, at the very least, allows you to capture some images without the HUD obstructing the beauty that's unfolding around you.

It's worth noting that this doesn't rule out the possibility of a photo mode being added in the future. The game is likely to receive various content updates over time, ranging from bug fixes and patches to potential DLCs expanding on the world of Krat. 

Does Lies Of P Have A Photo Mode Possible in future
The game may feature a photo mode in the future as many players want the feature added, so be sure to keep an eye on this page for more details. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

With fans expressing their desire for a photo mode, there's a chance that it may eventually be included in the game, especially given the clear interest in capturing memorable moments from their journey.

So, for now, Lies of P does not feature a dedicated photo mode, but players can experiment with HUD settings to capture screenshots. Additionally, stay tuned, as we will keep you informed about any developments regarding the potential addition of a photo mode in Lies of P in the future.