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How To Upgrade Weapons in Lies of P

Push your weapons past their limit with our guide on how to upgrade your weapons in Lies of P.
How To Upgrade Weapons in Lies of P
Neowiz Games

In the realm of "Souls-like" games, Lies of P doesn't hold back when it comes to challenging players with formidable foes and formidable bosses during their journey through the city of Krat. To ensure your safe passage, it's imperative to continually bolster your strength and, consequently, enhance your weaponry. Achieving this requires mastering the upgrade system.

If you're curious about the mechanics behind this system and how to optimize your weapons, you've come to the right place. In the upcoming sections, we will elucidate the process of weapon upgrading in Lies of P and provide insights into the key factors that contribute to enhancing the potency of your weapons.

Lies of P - How To Find the Weapon Vendor

Before delving into the weapon upgrading process, you'll first need to reach a specific point in the game that grants you access to both weapons and upgrades vendor, Eugénie. To unlock her shop, where you can purchase weapons and enhance them, you must reach Hotel Krat, the first main area you encounter when starting the game.

Lies Of P How To Upgrade Weapons finding Eugénie
To upgrade their weapons, players will need to reach Hotel Krat and speak to Eugénie. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

Initially, the hotel is inaccessible and requires you to progress through the station and defeat the area's main boss, known as The Parade Master. Once you've emerged victorious against this boss, you'll gain access to Hotel Krat, where you'll find Eugénie waiting.

Lies of P - How to Upgrade Your Weapons with Eugénie

Now that you've located Eugénie, you can commence the process of upgrading your weapons. To do this, simply engage in conversation with her and choose the "Upgrade Weapons" option. This selection will lead you to the upgrade menu, which may appear intricate at first glance but is straightforward in practice.

Lies of P upgrading your weapons cost with Eugénie
Each weapon will require its own amount of Ergo and materials to upgrade, but it's well worth the grind for a high-quality weapon. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

Select the weapon you wish to upgrade and pay the requisite Ergo and Moonstone to unlock the next tier of the weapon. Initially, this primarily enhances the weapon's physical attack power. However, once you've pushed the weapon to +3 or beyond, you'll start receiving an augmentation in the amount of Pulse cell recharge and Fable Catalyst recharge you receive with each hit on an enemy.

Ultimately, upgrading your weapons will become a routine task in Lies of P, as various weapons possess distinct traits, characteristics, and even diverse upgrade material requirements. As you acquire more weapons and enhance them, you'll swiftly amass a formidable and diverse array of potent weaponry.