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Lies of P Weeping Woman Quest: How To Complete & Location

Help out your fellow citizens of Krat with our guide on how to complete the Weeping Woman side quest in Lies of P.
Lies of P Weeping Woman Quest: How To Complete & Location
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Lies of P is an action RPG heavily influenced by the fairytale Pinnochio, offering a fresh narrative within the Souls-like genre. Central to this new story are the numerous supporting characters you'll encounter. These characters provide deeper insights into the world and the city of Krat, either through conversations or by involving you in side quests.

One of the initial side quests players will come across involves the Weeping Woman, an unfamiliar NPC who implores you to locate her missing child and reunite them. If you're seeking guidance on completing this particular quest, you're in luck. In the following section, we'll provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete the Weeping Woman's side quest in Lies of P.

How To Find the Weeping Woman

To initiate the Weeping Woman side quest in Lies of P, your first step is to locate her and engage in a conversation regarding her missing child. To find her, players must have unlocked Elysion Boulevard, a milestone achieved after reaching Hotel Krat and defeating the Parade Master.

Lies Of P How To Complete Weeping Woman Quest Located just outside Elysion Boulevard home
Players can find the Weeping Woman just outside the home on Elysion Boulevard. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

Navigate through Elysion Boulevard until you reach the Stargazer situated inside the house on Elysion Boulevard, adjacent to the Wandering Merchant's location. Depart from this Stargazer, proceed right, and eliminate the puppets as you advance until you reach a rooftop area (where you'll also come across your first Dimensional Butterfly).

From the rooftop, cross the glass roof leading to another building and enter through the entrance on your left. Traverse this building until you arrive at a ladder descending into a small courtyard. Before descending the ladder, look to your right, and you'll notice a window with the silhouette of the Weeping Woman seated behind it.

Lies Of P How To Complete Weeping Woman Quest Speaking to her to get quest
Make your way down to speak to her outside her window to begin the quest to find her child. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

Descend to your right, drop onto the balcony, and approach her to initiate a conversation. She will express her sorrow over her abducted child and implore you to find them within Krat City Hall. Accept the quest, and you'll be halfway through the Weeping Woman side quest.

How To Find The Weeping Woman's Child

Now, your objective is to locate the Weeping Woman's child, who, according to her, is in proximity to Krat City Hall. To reach this point, you must continue your journey, which will involve confronting the Mad Donkey boss to find Geppetto. Afterward, you will gain access to Krat City Hall just before facing the Scrapped Watchman.

Lies Of P How To Complete Weeping Woman Quest Find ehr child just outside Krat City Hall
Players can find the "child" just outside of Krat City Hall to your right, guarded by a large puppet. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

As you progress toward the Watchman, starting from the Krat City Hall Stargazer, follow the path leading to a fountain, then head left through the doorway. Before entering the building directly in front of you, observe a large puppet mindlessly pounding the ground to your right.

Defeat this sizable puppet and retrieve the item lying nearby, which happens to be the puppet doll required for your return to the Weeping Woman. Upon returning the doll to her, she will inquire whether her child is adorable, and you will be prompted to either tell the truth or lie.

Lies Of P How To Complete Weeping Woman Quest Completing quest
Players can then return the doll to the Weeping Woman and claim their reward for completing the quest and lying to her. (Picture: Neowiz Games / Shane Moosa)

Sticking true to the name of the game, we opted to lie, which will reward you with a Vivid Ergo Fragment and a new Record that you can listen to, obtaining Humanity in the process. With these actions completed, you will have successfully concluded the Weeping Woman side quest in Lies of P.