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All Gadgets In Spider-Man 2 & How To Unlock Them

Here are all the new Gadgets you can unlock in Spider-Man 2.
All Gadgets In Spider-Man 2 & How To Unlock Them
Shreyansh / Insomniac Games

It wouldn't be a Spider-Man game without a bunch of whacky gadgets, and thankfully, Spider-Man 2 is no different. The latest entry in Insomniac's Spider-Man series features a more extensive combat system than its predecessors. Both Peter and Miles share a skill tree but also have their own unique ones that cater to their respective maneuvers and playstyles.

There's also a wide array of Gadgets that are shared by both web crawlers. Hence, if you unlock the Web Shooters for Peter, Miles will also be able to use it. In this guide, we list all the Gadgets in Spider-Man 2, alongside details on what they do and how to unlock them. 

Every Gadget In Spider-Man 2 & How To Unlock Them

spider man 2 gadgets
Here are all the gadgets you can unlock in Spider-Man 2. (Picture: Shreyansh / Insomniac Games)
Gadget Gadget Description Cost
Web-Shooters Web up enemies with multiple rapid-fire shots. Target enemies that are prone or near walls to stick them to the surface. Available from the beginning.
Upshot Suspend multiple enemies in the air, making them vulnerable to Air Combos or Yank Down.  Available from the beginning.
Web-Grabber Pull multiple enemies into one place, making them vulnerable to Area Attacks.
  • 115 Tech Parts
  • 3 City Tokens
Concussion Burst Knock Back all nearby enemies with a blast of concussive force.
  • 170 Tech Parts
  • 4 Rare Tech Parts
Ricochet Web Web up multiple enemies with a shot that bounces repeatedly between them.
  • 200 Tech Parts
  • 6 Hero Tokens
Web Line Shoots up a web line that lets you cross walls and buildings.
  • Unlocked in "Bad Guys on the Block" main mission.