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Mecha Break Release Date Speculation, News, Leaks, Gameplay & More

Prepare your Striker with our guide covering everything you'll need to know about Mech Break, from its release date to the story elements, gameplay, platforms, and more.
Mecha Break Release Date Speculation, News, Leaks, Gameplay & More
Seasun Games

Following the triumph of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, it was only a matter of time before another developer ventured into the realm of mech games. The Game Awards 2023 marked the debut of Seasun Games' latest creation, Mecha Break, offering a promising glimpse into the future of the mech genre as a new multiplayer co-op mech game. The anticipation is palpable as players and genre enthusiasts await what this game has in store.

So join us as we explore all available details about Mecha Break, from speculative release date discussions to gameplay elements, leaks, general news, and much more. Without further delay – let's dive into the excitement!

Update on 11 March 2024: We checked for the latest Mecha Break info and updated this article accordingly.

Latest Mecha Break News

11 March 2024: Creating the mech's movement and animation

Mecha Break Release Date Speculation

We don't have an official release date for Mecha Break just yet, as the trailer we received only showcased some gameplay and cinematics, likely to give a glimpse of the game upon release. An upcoming closed alpha has been announced and is currently open for entry via Steam, but closed alpha usually doesn't indicate a specific release date.

Mecha Break Release Date Suspect end of 2024 or early 2025
While there's currently no release date set for Mecha Break, we suspect it may be released in late 2024 or early 2025. (Picture: Seasun Games)

We suspect that given the polished appearance of the game and the early closed alpha, Mecha Break could potentially be released in 2024 or early 2025, depending on feedback. Of course, this is speculative, and more details will be shared once an official announcement is made.

Mecha Break Story Details and Plot Elements

The narrative of Mecha Break promises intricate storytelling, delving into diverse plot points, such as a resource war and a polluted Earth triggering a power struggle among factions. Following the "Catastrophe," the emergence of Eruptive Inorganic Carbide (EIC) transforms regions into desolate "Marcens Zones." Factions like the Culturia Alliance and the Thalassic Federation vie for dominance in the largest Marcens Zone, Mashmak, anticipating upheaval and potential warfare.

Mecha Break Release Story and plot details
Mecha Break sees players take on the role of powerful mech users entrenched in a gruesome power struggle over a powerful and dangerous resource known as the EIC. (Picture: Seasun Games)

The Lunarians, facing EIC-induced crises, deploy advanced bipedal machines named "Strikers." The elite force, Moonbow, utilizes BREAK Strikers with Mind Projection technology, creating a neural link between the human brain and the Striker unit, enhancing battlefield capabilities and likely featuring special abilities tied to EIC.

Amidst global EIC threats and an impending fading disaster, Moonbow navigates the essence of EIC, steering clear of conflicts between warring factions or engaging with them. BREAK Strikers appear to be more than weapons, suggesting that we and these unique mechs will play a crucial role in confronting these challenges, hinting at a new path guided by the mysterious Corite mineral.

Mecha Break Gameplay Details and Leaks

Given how fresh the game is, there aren't any leaks surrounding what to expect in terms of gameplay or content, but we do have a solid understanding of how the game will work. Mecha Break prioritizes a multiplayer co-op experience, featuring 3v3, 6v6, and a massive 48-player battle royale mode. In co-op, players can team up with friends and form a team of three or six players to execute combat missions.

Mecha Break News Gameplay Trailers
The game is focused on a multiplayer co-op experience with the story woven in between the gameplay. (Picture: Seasun Games)

The game consists of seven Strikers, each sporting their unique class and skills. For example, the Panther Striker excels in melee combat, while the Luminae specializes in frontline maintenance tasks, coordination, and support.

Players can customize paint jobs to create unique mechas, allowing alterations to weapons, shields, and wings. Over 120 color modules divide each mecha, offering the freedom to create unique color combinations. New and rare paint colors can also be earned by completing challenges or making in-game purchases.

Mecha Break Official Trailers

At the time of writing, only one trailer is available for Mecha Break, offering glimpses of the world, settings, and various mechas in action. The aiming system remains a point of curiosity, as the trailer suggests a manual approach from what we could see. 

A balanced aim assist, especially with the fast-paced on-screen action (as depicted in the trailer), will be crucial. More insight into gameplay mechanics is expected with the release of a gameplay trailer likely to come sometime after the closed alpha.

Mecha Break Platforms

The trailer confirms that Mecha Break will be available on Steam (currently wishlistable) and the next-gen PS5 and Xbox consoles. Cross-play and cross-progression details are still pending, likely to be revealed closer to the release date. So stay tuned for updates!