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How to Finish Jackie Robinson Day Program in MLB The Show 24

Celebrate the legend in MLB The Show 24 with the Jackie Robinson Day program to score some powerful rewards.
How to Finish Jackie Robinson Day Program in MLB The Show 24
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Jackie Robinson Day has become an annual event in all of baseball through the last few years, and MLB The Show 24 is no exception. The new Jackie Robinson Day program went live on April 15, and that means several new rewards are up for grabs.

Some players will make big progress by knocking out the Jackie Robinson Day Conquest map, but there are a few other ways to wrap this program up. We've got details below on the best and fastest way to finish the Jackie Robinson Day program in MLB The Show 24.

MLB The Show 24 Jackie Robinson Day Program Rewards

MLB® The ShowTM 24 Xbox Series X S 2024-04-16 22-26-00

While the top reward of Jackie Robinson himself is one many players will have their eyes on, there's plenty else to love in this program. Even players who feel like their lineup is fine without these players should at least knock out a little of the program to snag the chunk of XP for the Season 1 Reward Path.

Here are all the Jackie Robinson Day program rewards you can earn in MLB The Show 24:

  • 5 Points: 4200 XP
  • 10 Points: The Show Pack
  • 15 Points: 90 OVR Buck O'Neil
  • 20 Points: The Show Pack
  • 25 Points: 91 OVR Hilton Smith
  • 30 Points: The Show Pack
  • 35 Points: The Show Pack
  • 40 Points: 92 OVR Hank Thompson
  • 45 Points: Barrier Breakers Choice Pack
  • 50 Points: 93 OVR Jackie Robinson

How to Finish the Jackie Robinson Day Program

MLB® The ShowTM 24 Xbox Series X S 2024-04-16 19-26-20

The first thing every player should do is jump into the one Moment assigned to this program which celebrates when Jackie Robinson broke the MLB's self-imposed color barrier. You only need to get on base one time, and you'll net 4200 XP right out of the gate.

After that, players can get a chunk of points by completing the Negro Leagues Storylines Collection. You need to have completed all seven Negro Leagues Storylines released so far, and doing so will also score you several Negro Leagues Series cards (all of which are Core) for your lineups along with XP, Stubs, Icons, Uniforms, Bat Skins, and Stadiums.

Players who are regularly in multiplayer modes will likely knock out those missions without much trouble, and you'll get 10 Points by earning Parallel XP with any players throughout Diamond Dynasty. Lastly, you'll get a huge chunk of 35 Points by finishing the Jackie Robinson Day Conquest map. You'll also score several hidden rewards and likely finish the Parallel XP mission as you're working through the map.