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Phasmophobia Needs Better Character Customization

Phasmophobia is already great, but deeper character customization could make it even better.
Phasmophobia Needs Better Character Customization

There's a lot to love about Kinetic Games' Phasmophobia, and, even as competitors like Demonologist begin to find their footing, the original ghost-hunting game has largely managed to maintain and grow its player base. With the upcoming console release, developers likely have even more updates in store for the game's future that will draw in lots of new players. One of them that we'd really love to see is character customization, as it's not only a highly fan-requested feature, but it'd add a lot of individuality to the game.

Rather than the current character selection, which allows players to swap between eight different preset characters, Phasmophobia could implement a cosmetic system giving players more freedom to choose what their character looks like and wears. Rather than picking from the eight preset characters, players could individually switch up different aspects of their appearance - like hair style, hair color, facial structure, and outfits. This would allow players to express themselves and get more immersed in the game, as well as add some visual variety.

phasmophobia character customization
Character customization could let players choose characters' physical traits and outfits.

Being able to choose your own hair, outfits, and accessories would not only make Phasmophobia more immersive and give players some creative choice, it'd also make gameplay easier and more fun. Rather than seeing the same models over and over again, players could see their friends' fashionable (or ridiculously goofy) outfits, and be able to see one another more easily in the darkness or fog. More diversity in customization would also be easier to tell players apart from a distance, as many of the current models have lots of similarities.

While it'd be great to see free character customization in the game - even if it's limited - developers could also use this as an opportunity to expand the in-game Store with cosmetics or custom accessories. This would give experienced players who already have all of the tools and money they could ever want, something else to spend their extra money on.

Phasmophobia has done a lot to round out and improve its gameplay in the past few years, with major overhauls to equipment, progression, and just about every other aspect of the game. Now, the content that's already in the game plays better than ever, and, in my opinion, it's time for developers to focus on new content rather than improving what's already there. Character customization would be a great start, giving players the freedom to express themselves while ghost-hunting and allowing for some awesome potential expansions to the in-game Store.