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All Phasmophobia Tarot Cards, Meanings, and Effects

If you're a beginner to Phasmophobia, here are all of the Tarot Card meanings and effects in the game.
All Phasmophobia Tarot Cards, Meanings, and Effects

Tarot Cards are an incredibly important mechanic in the horror game Phasmophobia, but they can be confusing to new players who might not understand their effects. They can do some pretty powerful things, from bringing back dead teammates to killing you instantly!

To ensure that you don't draw a Tarot Card at the wrong time or end up in disaster, let's go over what Tarot Cards are in Phasmophobia and how they work. 

April 17 2023 - We've checked for any updates to Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia and updated this article accordingly.

What Are Tarot Cards In Phasmophobia?

tarot cards phasmophobia
Each Tarot Card in Phasmophobia has a unique meaning and use. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Tarot Cards are a cursed item in Phasmophobia. When you pick up a deck and draw from it, you will receive a card. You can draw 10 cards from one deck. Each card has a unique effect that will affect your current exploration. These effects range from extremely positive to extremely negative.

Where To Find Tarot Cards In Phasmophobia

Players can find Tarot Cards in a variety of places when playing Phasmophobia. They spawn in certain areas around each map. Only one cursed item will appear per match, though, so Tarot Cards are not guaranteed to spawn.

No matter where you are, if Tarot Cards are the cursed item in your match, you should have some luck finding Tarot Cards in the following general locations if you look carefully:

  • Tables
    • Picnic tables
    • Coffee tables
    • Side tables
    • Dining room tables
  • Shelves
  • Desks
  • Bookcases

Make sure you scour each area carefully to check for Tarot Cards, since you don't want to miss any of these important cursed items.

Phasmophobia Tarot Card Effects

tarot cards phasmophobia effect
Tarot Cards' effects range from extremely helpful to instantly killing the player. (Picture: Kinetic Games)
  • The Hanged Man – This card will instantly kill you.
  • The Sun – This card fully restores your sanity to 100%.
  • The Moon – This card immediately brings your sanity to 0%.
  • The Death – This card triggers a cursed hunt.
  • The Devil – This card triggers a Ghost Event.
  • The Hermit – This card will make the ghost inactive for some time.
  • The Wheel of Fortune – This card will either give you + or – 25 sanity, depending on its color. Green is beneficial, while red is detrimental.
  • The Tower – This card will trigger a ghost interaction.
  • The High Priestess – This card will bring a dead teammate back to life.
  • The Fool – The Fool is a unique card in that it does absolutely nothing. The Fool card will masquerade as other cards before it is flipped over and revealed to be the Fool.

Phasmophobia Tarot Card Tips

  • Players should never draw a Tarot card during an ongoing hunt.
    • All Tarot cards drawn during a hunt will turn into the Fool, causing you to waste a card.
  • Use your Tarot cards wisely, since only ten cards come in a deck!
  • Pick up every Tarot Card you see, since they are such an important item and have such a wide array of effects.

That's all you need to know about Tarot Cards in Phasmophoba, from how to use them to their effects.

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Featured image courtesy of Kinetic Games.