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Taego, PUBG to get new 8x8 map in next update

The new map will be available to PC and console players in the 12.2 update.
Taego, PUBG to get new 8x8 map in next update

PUBG is getting a brand new map called Taego and it will be arriving in the game's next major update - v12.2

It will be the eighth map in the game and will arrive for PC on 7th July and for console on the 15th.

It promises to return the game to its "Battleground roots" being the first 8x8 map since Miramar launched back in late 2017.

PUBG Taego mapMiramar was the last 8x8 map released for PUBG. (Picture: Krafton)

Maps released since then like Sanhok and Karakin, then have been smaller, more action-focused affairs providing less opportunity for slower, stealth-based playstyles.

Little more information was shared by the developers. A short teaser posted to the game's Twitter account opens with that iconic plane and flight plan flying over a map.

"Codename Tiger 8x8" adorns the map, and we learn that the map will be called Taego.

codename taego tigerA still from the Taego teaser. (Picture: Krafton)

The aesthetic is seems somewhat similar to Mirimar, a dusty, desert environment with perhaps a little more greenery on offer.

Krafton will hope that the new map will excite many to come back to the game, which while still hugely popular in many parts of the world, is far from its 2017 heyday when it dominated Twitch and made stars out of players like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV.