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New Avatar Customization Options Have Arrived To Pokémon GO

Trainers can rediscover Pokémon GO and themselves as new Avatar customization options and features have arrived in the latest game update.
New Avatar Customization Options Have Arrived To Pokémon GO
(Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Pokémon GO's customization features have always felt lackluster for Trainers due to the limited variety of options and cosmetic items. However, the latest update for the mobile augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon GO includes new content that aims to allow Trainers to "rediscover" the game.

The latest update sees multiple sweeping changes to the game, from the Map View, UI changes to encounter and battle screens, the Style Shop, and the in-game Avatar feature. Trainers can now further customize their in-game Trainer with unique options and styles to better express themselves "than ever before."

The new changes included in Pokémon GO's latest update see more customization options Trainers can make to their Avatars. The most significant options are the ability to adjust their Avatar's body weight, skin tones, colors, and eye colors and change their Avatar's facial expressions or hairstyle.

Regarding the "adjustable body weights," Trainers can change their Avatar's physical attributes according to the official support page by navigating to their Trainer's icon and tapping Style, then Appearance. They'll be presented with slider filters to adjust various attributes like chest and shoulder size, muscle, and weight before confirming the changes made to their Avatar.

More hairstyles have been added to Pokémon GO in this update, as Trainers can organize hairstyles by length, making it easier to find one that matches their profile. Likewise, there are more options available to them to change their hair color, which has also been extended to their skin tone and eyes.

A new Outfit has accompanied the latest update to Pokémon GO available from the Style Shop. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

This update also added a new Outfit. Trainers can change their Avatar's clothing by accessing the Style Shop by tapping the Trainer's icon at the bottom of their screen. Once here, they can browse through the range of clothing tabs and choose the items they wish to wear, either by equipping free items or purchasing Premium items using PokéCoins.

Once they've selected the desired clothing items, confirm their selection and have fun expressing themselves in-game. Remember that they can save their favorite Outfit combinations, which can be found in the Outfits category, for easy access to their best looks or to change it with a newly acquired item.