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All Pokémon GO Mythic Blade Field Research Challenges & Rewards

Here, we have all the information on what field research and rewards you will get during the Mythic Blade Event in Pokemon GO.
All Pokémon GO Mythic Blade Field Research Challenges & Rewards

Pokémon GO is popping off with the Mythical Wishes season that is currently going on. There are so many new and different Pokemon for players to catch, with lots of events that will happen during this time.

One of the events that will happen is the Mythic Blade event, which highlights the Mythical Pokemon Keldeo. Of course, a new event means there will be event-themed Field Research tasks to take care of. Here, we will go over the Field Research tasks and what rewards you can expect from them.

All Pokémon GO Mythic Blade Field Research Tasks & Rewards

Pokemon Go Mythical Blade
The Mythic Blade event is part of the Mythical Wishes season in Pokémon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Pokémon GO allows you to take on field research tasks to get special Pokémon that are normally harder to find. These field research tasks can be done at any time, but event-themed field research tasks will only last for the duration of the event. The Mythic Blade event will last from December 6 until December 11.

During this period, there will be three different event field research tasks you will need to take on. Here are the special research tasks that you can get during the Mythic Blade event in Pokémon GO:

  • Catch 7 Fighting-type Pokémon - Rewards are Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop
  • Catch 15 Fighting-type Pokémon - Reward is Galarian Farfetch'd
  • Power up Pokémon 15 times - Reward is Galarian Farfetch'd

As you can see, most of the Field Research you will be doing relates to fighting-type Pokémon. So if you make your main focus catching and powering up fighting Pokémon, you will be able to get all the rewards with no problem.

Can I Get Shiny Pokémon For Completing Mythic Blade Field Research?

Pokemon GO Mythical Blade
There are a lot of rewards you can get during the Mythical Blade event. (Picture: Niantic)

Although the rewards for the Mythic Blade event field research look bland at first glance, there is a good reason why you would want to complete these tasks. Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, and Glarian Farfetch'd all have a chance to be Shiny Pokémon.

That is four more Pokémon that you could potentially add to your Shiny Pokémon collection. Of course, it is only a chance to get a shiny Pokémon. You will still have to get a little lucky actually to find the Shiny version of these Pokémon. Luckily, the field research tasks you are asked to do should not be hard to do.

During the Mythic Blade challenge in Pokémon GO, there will be a lot of wild Fighting-type Pokémon. Mankey, Machop, and Combusken are just some of the wild Fighting-type Pokémon you will encounter. So we recommend you take on as many event field research tasks as possible to get your shiny Pokémon in no time. That's all about the Pokémon GO Mythic Blade Challenge.