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Is Wooper Shiny in Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Bonus & Rewards

Wooper is featured in the next Spotlight Hour, but can Wooper be shiny in Pokémon GO?
Is Wooper Shiny in Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Bonus & Rewards

Wooper is a fan-favorite Pokémon, beloved by many for its incredibly cute design and mannerisms. Wooper is such a popular Pokémon that it even received a Paldean regional variant in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. If you have yet to find a Wooper in Pokémon GO to add to your collection, worry not!

The next Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO will feature the adorable axolotl, allowing you to catch as many woopy-boys as your box can hold! But the real question still stands: can Wooper be shiny during the Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO?

Is Wooper Shiny In Pokémon GO? - December Spotlight Hour

Wooper is the first Pokémon featured in December's Spotlight Hour.

The answer is yes, it is! You can encounter shiny Wooper during the Spotlight Hour. Wooper is the first Pokémon featured in the December Spotlight Hour, and players can get their hands on this Water/Ground-type Pokémon when it starts to appear more frequently. The Wooper Spotlight Hour will start on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at 6 PM local time and will finish on Tuesday, December 6, 20,22, at 7 PM local time.

Unlike a lot of more recent shiny Pokémon, who look almost identical to their normal forms, shiny Wooper is about as different as it can be! Shiny Wooper is bright pink all over and incredibly hard to miss. You should have no problem distinguishing a shiny Wooper from its regular form. Coincidentally, shiny Paldean Wooper looks almost identical to Johtonian Wooper. Thankfully, Paldean Wooper has yet to arrive in Pokémon GO, making your shiny hunt that much easier!

Make sure you come prepared with enough Poké Balls, Razz Berries, Lure Modules, and Incense in order to attract more Wooper to your location and securely capture the shiny form.

Check out everything coming this December in Pokémon GO's Spotlight Hour. (Picture: LeekDuck)

After you catch Wooper, you should also receive 2x Catch Stardust for adding it to your collection as part of the Spotlight Hour bonus. This should make things easier as you power up your Wooper and eventually evolve it into a Quagsire. Other event bonuses from previous Spotlight Hours will also be applicable during Wooper's Spotlight Hour. 

And that's all about shiny Wooper in Pokémon GO. Good luck out there, shiny hunters!

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