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Femi Adeboye
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Femi Adeboye

Having spent the last decade or so competing all over the world in premier esports events, F-Word has become one of the most familiar faces in today’s European and North American fighting game communities.

From the Flame Towers of Azerbaijan to the heat scorched surface of the Vegas strip, there aren’t many places left on the planet that are yet to have been bless with his presence. Known primarily for his animated, energetic and colourful commentary coverage for the world’s most popular Fighting Game (SFV).

He even had the pleasure of covering the Grand Finals of Capcom Cup 2016 just last December live on ESPN. Ever less the competitor and more so the personality these days, F-Word brings a refreshing, slang friendly approach to the commentary and presentation gig, with people from as far as Brazil and Thailand screaming out some of his funky phrases when they see him on the big screen

Femi Adeboye

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