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Best Rainbow Six Siege Attackers, Ranked in 2023

Come and check out all the Rainbow Six Siege Attackers ranked!
Best Rainbow Six Siege Attackers, Ranked in 2023

Rainbow Six Siege has finally released Year 8 Season 3, which means updates and balancing changes have been released that update the current meta. With Ubisoft implementing modifications, players seek new in-game updates and most importantly in-game meta, such as Year 8 Season 3 release information and operator news. Rainbow Six Siege offers a plethora of purchasable operators within the game, allowing players to decide what operator best suits them and will be most effective within the battlefield. However, in-game updates and newer players, provide and experience confusion when selecting an operator to use. 

Therefore, we have decided to create the ultimate Rainbow Six Siege Attacker tier list for players all around the world to prosper from, leading you to success and many victories. This guide takes into consideration operator reworks that came alongside season 3, such as Grim, Sledge, Dokkaebi, and many others, so let's get into the best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege! 


Rainbow Six Siege Attackers Tier List For Y8S3


Nomad, Thermite, Thatcher, Jackal


Zero, Ace, Zofia, Sledge, Ram, Finika, Hibana, Maverick, Iana 


Fuze, Ash, Blackbeard, IQ, Capitao, Dokkaebi, Flores, Twitch, Grim, Lion, Osa, Buck


Kali, Nokk, Ying, Sens, Gridlock


Amaru, Montagne, Blitz, Glaz 


S-Tier Rainbow Six Siege Attackers

The S-Tier attackers within Rainbow Six Siege are those that don't show weakness, when used properly and within the right context, rounds are won easily. Using an Attacker in the right context means that you're using the operator's specialty to your advantage, instead of focussing on running and gunning, although, that never hurt anyone. These are the greatest Attackers within Rainbow Six Siege currently:

  • Nomad 
  • Thermite 
  • Thatcher 
  • Jackal

These operators provide a supreme attacking experience, being able to completely disorient and panic the enemies at all times. Thatcher can easily disable enemy equipment, allowing friendlies to make healthy entries into the target building, Nomad is able to disorient enemies with her Airjab repulsion grenades making them easy targets, and Thermite can disable any enemy fortifications. These Attackers when working together are unstoppable and have the most practical uses within Rainbow Six Siege. Especially, Jackal, he's able to show you the recent locations of enemies, revealing their location and helping you neutralize targets. 


A-Tier Rainbow Six Siege Attackers

Rainbow Six Siege A-Tier are amazing operators to use within the game, gaining you a massive advantage over your enemies. Despite not reaching the S-Tier, these operators are far from the top and don't lack many skills, if lacking any. If you haven't already picked up the S-Tier operators or are looking to expand your empire, these are a great selection. A-Tier operators are excellent because there's always going to be a couple spare to choose from every round, Being meta within itself, here's the selection:

  • Zero
  • Ace
  • Zofia
  • Sledge 
  • Ram
  • Finika 
  • Hibana
  • Maverick
  • Iana 

To mention a few notable features of the above, Zofia is an excellent Attacker, especially for taking down multiple enemies at once due to her launcher that fires both concussions and impact ammunition, destroying the enemy. Sledge allows players to make fast entries through boarded-up areas such as wooden walls with destroyable materials, enabling teammates to make fast entries into enemy locations and taking players by surprise. Hibana, similar to Zofia, fires explosive rounds that can damage enemy and wall fortifications, allowing her to tear limbs or materials from the walls, making her an excellent addition to anyone. 


B-Tier Rainbow Six Siege Attackers

Rainbow Six Siege B-Tier attackers have a little flaw to them, making them less desirable than A-tier operators, although, not disadvantaging players significantly. These attackers are typically used for fun or specific operator advantage, with players not usually having a problem with using these attackers: 

  • Fuze
  • Ash
  • Blackbeard
  • IQ
  • Capitao
  • Dokkaebi 
  • Flores 
  • Twitch 
  • Grim 
  • Lion
  • Osa 
  • Buck

Despite these operators being "B-Tier" and having a slight stigma behind them, each operator carries their own usage perfectly. Such as Twitch, deploying a heavier drone to shock players and disable any equipment with the electric shock, offering a slower pace of play in exchange for safer passage. Blackbeard is the same, having a shielded rifle and often being the first line of defense for other attackers, Blackbeard moves slowly but lets his presence be known. Each of these operators was amazing "back in the day" however, as time has progressed newer and more advanced operators have been released, pushing their advantage back slightly. 


C-Tier Rainbow Six Siege Attackers

Rainbow Six Siege C-Tier Attackers are operators that have players criticize your choice a little, maybe making a sly comment or typical "oh, damn" after seeing your choice. Either these operators are outdated or outgunned with equipment or small arms, having players typically steer clear of these attackers unless in a more casual game:

  • Kali 
  • Nokk 
  • Ying
  • Sens
  • Gridlock

Kali is one of Rainbow Six Siege's many operators that can destroy walls with their weapon, having an underbarrel that's adaptable onto her CSRX 300 rifle. However, she isn't the best breaching operator by any means simply due to her A and B-tier competing choice operators. Ying is very similar, having circular stun devices that stun enemies as her ability, except, these devices are quite small and hard to throw, causing mistakes and misjudgments. The weapons of these operators aren't bad, however, if you're playing for the gunfights you're not going to get particularly far when playing against enemies making use of their equipment. 


D-Tier Rainbow Six Siege Attackers 

Rainbow Six Siege D-Tier attackers are those used by casual players or trolls, really being the bottom-of-the-barrel operators. At no point in time were these attackers great, or have the potential to be used by the wider community. Unfortunately, some operators have to take "the worst" medal and these are those guys:

  • Amaru
  • Montagne 
  • Blitz 
  • Glaz 

Montagne is a name that brings a tear to most Rainbow Six Siege players, being an excellent addition to most players' collection within the earlier stages of the game, however, times have changed. There is an unbelievable amount of methods to destroy and kill Montagne users, making the shield ineffective and the operator useless. Being the same with Blitz, the shield operators have fallen victim to modernization, collecting dust in most players' menus. Glaz has a great history, although players are only now entertained by his intro cutscene, except his awesome introduction and aesthetic aren't reflected within the playstyle, with his sniper rendering useless in most close-quarter maps.