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Rainbow Six Siege
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R6 Siege cheat installs backdoor and mines bitcoin, leaked message reveals

Rainbow Six Siege has its fair share of cheaters and according to the Anti-Cheat Police Department, they get a pretty raw deal too.
It's hard to feel sorry for cheaters -- like really it is -- they ruin games, distort ranks, and tarnish esports.

Though you have to feel something (maybe) for those that sought out free Rainbow Six Siege cheats who, after installation, were informed that the cheats included uninstallable backdoors that at certain times of the day would be mining bitcoin on behalf of the cheat creators.

After saying "hello" to the Discord server at large, given the name "C69", a bot delivered this rather scrambled message.

"Your CPU will start Throttling around 11:00 pm EST," the cheat makers then go on to apologize but claim they "have to make money" while conceding that "it may not be legal" - a bit late there hacker.

Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat bot

He also warned users that uninstalling the cheat is futile, "we have installed several back doors that can travel throw the BIOS it won't help if u delete or reinstall once u run it u will never get your power or CPU time back Alright."

And why are they doing all this? To mine that precious bitcoin of course! but don't worry they tell the cheaters, "it only Mines bitcoin does not effect gaming what so ever only when u are idle we will use your PC resources only on IDLE or around 11:00 pm EST. (sic)" How accommodating. 

And accommodating they are, because not only do they tell you when they will be using your PC illegally, they even leave contact details for concerned users with cheat user able to sync their schedule with the criminal enterprise.

"Make sure to DM @999 for information about the miner and we can always make it so it runs when u are asleep every PC connect to our network must do this u get the MIN time of a hour. (sic)"

"Thanks and have a great day We don't USE GPU'S." Oh, that's alright then...

Rainbow Six Siege C69 cheats discord bitcoin miner
Ask many players and the battle against cheaters in Siege has a long way to go. (Picture: Ubisoft)

This bizarre situation was brought to light by the Anti-Cheat Police Department, a voluntary organisation, affiliated with no game or company, that searches for and investigates cheats and the business and networks that support them.

A respected organisation, the former head Mohamed Al-Sharifi aka GamerDoc, was recruited by Riot Games to work on Valorant after he helped ban thousands of players across that title and many more.

Rainbow Six: Siege, like so many competitive shooters, has had major issues with cheaters. In a developers blog in April of last year, Ubisoft named cheating as one of their biggest concerns facing the tactical shooter.

The developers introduced a number of measures to combat cheaters including strengthening their partnership with anti-cheat software BattleEye.