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Rainbow Six content creator KingGeorge protests over BattlEye anti-cheat issue

Famous Rainbow Six Siege content creator, as well as some pro players, are protesting Ubisoft's BattlEye anti-cheat issues by not spending R6 Credits.
Rainbow Six content creator KingGeorge protests over BattlEye anti-cheat issue

The Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat system, BattlEye, is coming under fire from the community. While no anti-cheat is perfect, there's a specific issue with the BattlEye system, where the rollback feature automatically adjusts players' ranks when a cheater gets caught. This then nullifies the ELO change in a match, meaning players can lose ELO rating despite beating a cheater in a hard-fought match. Now, it appears some Rainbow Six Siege players have had enough, and famous content creator and former world champion, George "KingGeorge" Kassa, is protesting this issue.

R6 Siege anti-cheat issue: KingGeorge protests

KingGeorge has taken to Twitter to announce he will not be purchasing R6 Credits until the anti-cheat system is improved.

Drawing a line in the sand, the content creator invited others to stand with him until such time as Ubisoft does something.

KingGeorge states: "I will not be purchasing R6 Credits until the Anti-cheat is improved. I really hope this isn't a long term thing but it just hurts to play cheaters every game. It also sucks to lose hundreds of ELO in rollback to cheaters that we beat. I invite others to join me in this as well."

KingGeorge expressed his disappointment with the cheating problem in R6 Siege, and talked about ELO rollbacks: "I’m really disappointed with the cheating problem in Siege. It sometimes makes the game super annoying to play. I still love the game, but it annoys the hell out of me when I’m playing against people who are cheating.

Rainbow six siege battlEye anti-cheat kinggeorge protest R6 credits(Picture: KingGeorge)

"I got 274 ELO rolled back today against cheaters that I beat, and no one that I’ve played with has been banned. I don’t even get to keep the ELO I get beating cheaters. The system is bad."

Many players have come out in support of this protest against the Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat system issues. 

Even the likes of AceeZ, Rogue's in-game leader and shot-caller, appears to be joining KingGeorge in not purchasing any more R6 Credits.

At the time of writing, Ubisoft has not made an official response to this protest. It is also not clear how many players will actually refrain from opening their wallets to purchase R6 Credits...