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Resident Evil 4: Bindery Door Puzzle Solution

Here's how to solve the Bindery door puzzle in Resident Evil 4.
Resident Evil 4: Bindery Door Puzzle Solution

There are many bombastic and terrifying set pieces in Resident Evil 4's 20 hours long campaign. Tucked between these are serene moments where you spend time scratching your brain and solving the next-door puzzle. 

There's no shortage of brain-storming puzzles in Resident Evil 4. Some are rather easy to solve, whereas others may have you racking your brains. However, if you don't want to waste too much time wondering how to get that next big door open in the game, you have come to the right place.

The Bindery door puzzle is the one you come across in Chapter 8 of the game, right after Leon first encounters Ada in the game. Here's how to solve it. 

The Bindery door puzzle solution 

bindery door puzzle
The solution for the Bindery door puzzle. (Picture: Shreyansh / Capcom)

As soon you come across the door, you will notice four symbols imprinted on it. Two of them are visible, whereas only the shape of the other two is visible. The ones that we know are a knight's shield and a helmet.

Now, notice four rotating titles next to the symbol. The trick is to match the symbols on the tiles with the ones imprinted on the wall. While it may seem easy, it's a bit confusing since you have to match the symbols, the color, and the shape. 

Below is the solution for the Bindery door puzzle: 

  • Left: Red Hexagon Helmet
  • Top: Red Square Helmet
  • Right: Blue Square Sword
  • Down: Blue Hexagon Chest Armor

That concludes our guide on the Bindery door puzzle in Resident Evil 4.