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How To Get Brickbattler Badge In Roblox Ability Wars

Do you want to know how to get the Brickbattler ability in Roblox Ability Wars? Find all the tips and tricks right here!
How To Get Brickbattler Badge In Roblox Ability Wars

Want to know how to unlock the Brickbattler badge in Ability Wars? Say more more! This guide has you covered with detailed step-by-step instructions on claiming this coveted badge and ability, including a few useful tips and tricks to guarantee your survival!

This new badge ability is insanely powerful, buffing defenses and offering a variety of new weapons from Doomspire (another Roblox game). In short, you'd be stupid not to try to unlock it! Here's how to get the Brickbattler ability in Roblox Ability Wars.

How To Get The Brickbattler Ability & Badge In Ability Wars

To get the Brickbattler ability and badge in Roblox Ability Wars, you need to equip Time (costs 15,000 punches) and eat the Pizza on the table inside the cave—just click on it to grab a slice and then eat it. Next, press your Q ability to teleport to the Brickbattler mode.

Here, you'll need to battle your way through six waves of enemies. At the end of all the waves, a portal will be summoned near the center of the arena. After you go through it, you will be rewarded with the Brickbattler badge in Ability Wars.

Once the badge is unlocked, you get the Brick Battler ability in Ability Wars, which includes various tools from Doomspire, such as a sword, slingshot, rocket launcher, trowell, bomb, and super ball, each with specific functions and advantages.

brickbattler ability badge roblox

All Brickbattler Tools

  • Sword: A close combat weapon that deals high damage. It's your primary source of attacking
  • Slingshot: A ranged attack tool for moderate damage, also useful for performing tricks like infinite jumping.
  • Rocket Launcher: Fires slow-moving rockets for considerable damage. Effective for taking out groups of enemies.
  • Trowel Tool: Allows for quick placement of small walls on the ground. Can be used for defense or to save yourself from falling.
  • Bomb: A versatile item for dealing high damage and enabling quick escapes from difficult situations.
  • Super Ball: A long-range weapon, great for distance combat.

Note: Every wave will get progressively harder and can take some time to beat. If you die at any point in the battle, you'll respawn back at wave 1, undoing any progress you may have made.

How To Get Beat Brickbattler Mode In Ability Wars: Tips & Tricks

During the Brickbattle in Ability Wars, you'll have teammates to help you and special tools to use in combat, so be sure to coordinate with them for the best chance of survival. Remember, your health will not regenerate automatically, and you'll only heal to full HP at the end of every wave!

The only way to heal is by eating Pizza slices dropped by enemies. These will only offer a small health boost, so use them wisely. Otherwise, the rocket launcher is the best weapon for taking out the enemies, using the trowel to block enemies trying to chase you.

brickbattler badge roblox ability wars

As a pro-tip, you should try to take cover at the castle and only use the sword as a last resort for close combat in the later waves. The Brickbattler mode in Ability Wars can be tough, but with perseverance, you'll come out as the victor!

And that's pretty much it. We want to extend a special thank you to the YouTuber Decibrics for sharing the steps on how to get the Brickbattler badge in Ability Wars. Be sure to subscribe to their channel or check out the video below for a detailed walkthrough.