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How To Unlock Encrypted Clone Ability in Blade Ball

Rely on yourself in combat with our guide showing you how to get the Encrytoped Clone ability and its utility in Roblox's Blade Ball.
How To Unlock Encrypted Clone Ability in Blade Ball

New abilities are constantly being added to Roblox's Blade Ball, and the Encrypted Clone ability is one of the latest you can use in matches. This ability is being touted as one of the best, and if you're looking to try it out yourself, you're in the right place.

Below, we will show you exactly how to unlock the Encrypted Clone ability and showcase its effects and utility in matches. So without further delay, let's dive right in.

What Is The Encrypted Clone Ability in Blade Ball

The recently introduced Encrypted Clone ability in Blade Ball is a tactical addition rather than an all-out offensive move. With this ability, you can summon a duplicate of yourself that exclusively passes the ball to you. This clone offers strategic options, allowing you to retreat, regroup, or surprise opponents by clashing with your clone to bide time for cooldowns and other abilities.

Blade Ball Encrypted Clone Ability Details
The Encrypted Blade ball ability gives you a clone that you can pass the ball to while waiting for cool-downs or to catch your enemies by surprise. (Picture: Shane / Roblox)

This ability can be upgraded to enhance its effectiveness. Upgrades include increasing the speed at which the clone passes the ball, prolonging its presence on the field, and providing a timer indicating how long until the clone disappears. Additionally, you can toggle the clone's behavior between following you or remaining stationary by activating the ability button while the clone is active. These options offer versatility for surprising enemies or waiting out cooldowns.

How To Unlock The Encrypted Clone Ability in Blade Ball

To obtain the Encrypted Clone ability in Blade Ball, you can acquire it through Matrix Spins, which require spending Robux. While the cost isn't excessively high, it's advisable to act promptly as this ability is available for a limited time only. Once successfully obtained, you'll have the ability in your inventory, ready to deploy in battles or test servers for practice.

Blade Ball Encrypted Clone Ability How To get
You can obtain the Encrypted Clone ability via the Matrix spins for a limited time. (Picture: Shane / Roblox)

Given its supportive and tactical nature, mastering the passing mechanics with your clone and timing its launches at opponents are essential skills to develop. With practice, utilizing this ability becomes straightforward, and when upgraded, it can serve as a potent strategic asset.

In summary, the Encrypted Clone ability in Roblox's Blade Ball offers tactical depth to gameplay. Understanding its mechanics and obtaining it through Matrix Spins are crucial steps. For the latest Blade Ball news, ability guides, codes, and more, be sure to visit our dedicated Roblox page.