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Where Is The Graveyard In Bloxburg Roblox?

The final Bloxburg Halloween quest requires you to locate the Graveyard in the city. Here's where to find it in the game.
Where Is The Graveyard In Bloxburg Roblox?

The Halloween event for Roblox Bloxburg went live today, adding spooky decorations, costumes, and various new quests to the game. One of the quests involves finding the graveyard in Bloxburg and helping a ghost named Helen to reunite with her husband, Victor.

However, it seems like many Bloxburg players are having a hard time finding Graveyard in the game and flocking to the internet to complete their final Halloween quest. This guide will explain where to find the Graveyard location in the Bloxburg Halloween event.

Graveyard Location in Bloxburg Halloween

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The Graveyard is located in Bloxburg's town near the giant Ferris wheel. To find Helen, you need to go to the city’s graveyard. You will see a gate with a sign that says “Graveyard.”

Enter the gate and see several tombstones with different names and dates. One of them has a little witch’s hat on top of it. That is Helen’s grave.

How To Complete Final Halloween Quest In Bloxburg

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After finding the grave, follow these steps to complete the final Halloween quest in Bloxburg:

  1. Equip a shovel from your backpack and dig up the grave with the little witch's hat.
  2. A skeleton will pop out, and Helen's ghost will appear with a key floating above her grave.
  3. Pick up the key and bring it back to Helen.
  4. Talk to Helen and give her the key.
  5. She will grant you entrance into the mansion.
  6. Follow the candle lights in the maze to reach the top of the mansion.
  7. The bedroom has a glowing necklace on top of a painting. Take the necklace and bring it back to Helen.
  8. Helen will instruct you to go to the fairy ring on the other side of the mansion.
  9. The locket should be floating on top of the ring.
  10. Press "E" to interact with the locket and reunite Helen with her husband, Victor.

Players will get the Halloween Haunting quest trophy after completing all the Halloween quests in Bloxburg.