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How To Get The Raiu Sword In Haze Piece

If you want to get the new Raiu Sword in Haze Piece, we have the perfect guide to help you.
How To Get The Raiu Sword In Haze Piece
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Do you want to get the Raiu Sword in Haze Piece? Then look no further! Raiu is a legendary sword used by Shiryu, one of Blackbeard's crewmates. In One Piece, Shiryu used Raiu to do massive damage to his enemies, even using it to help take down Whitebeard.

It may not have the prestige of Shusui, but you don't want to miss out on it. Raiu is one of the newer weapons players can get in Haze Piece, much like how rare and powerful the Dragon Fruit is. However, unlocking Raiu will take a bit of effort as it is locked away at a hidden location.

How To Unlock Raiu In Haze Piece Roblox

Haze Piece Raiu
Players need to find and take out Shiryu if they want the chance to get Raiu in Haze Piece. (Picture: Haze Studios / Tirzton on YouTube)

If you want to unlock the Raiu in Haze Piece, then we recommend being at least level 1850. That is because the Raiu is hidden on Skull Island, which has enemies with starting levels at 1750 and ending levels at 1900.

Not only that but to get Raiu, you must defeat Shiryu himself to get this legendary prize. Defeating Shiryu is not the problem, as he is an easy enemy to take down if you are at the right level.

Instead, the problem is that you need to not only defeat him, but you need to get a scroll from Shiryu — it only has a 5% drop chance, though. You will likely have to take down the boss multiple times to retrieve the scroll. But don't worry, it'll be worth the effort!

Once you do that, there is only one more step to unlocking the Raiu in Haze Piece. Find the trader by the Skull Rock, located right next to Shiryu. He will want the scroll you just got and $75k. Once you give him the items as requested, you will finally get the Raiu you have been aiming for.

What Abilities Does Raiu Have In Haze Piece Roblox?

Haze Piece Raiu
This is the merchant you are looking for to buy Raiu in Haze Piece. (Picture: Haze Studios / Tirzton on YouTube)

There are many reasons to have Raiu in your arsenal in Haze Piece. Raiu is very powerful, and if you level up the sword, it will only get better. At Sword Level 50, you will get the Bloddy Barrage ability for Raiu. This ability is fantastic for taking down a single enemy in front of you with multiple slashes.

At Sword Level 150, you will get the Crimson Dash technique for Raiu in Haze Piece. The Crimson Dash has an area of effect, which means you can take down multiple enemies. Not only that, but you will dash forward as well. You can start on a rooftop, dash down, and hit foes on the ground.

And that's how to unlock Raiu in Haze Piece. Pretty easy, huh?! Just remember to position yourself in the best spot to take out the highest number of enemies.