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How To Get Good Bloodlines In Shindo Life

Looking to level up the strength of your character in Shindo Life? We'll tell you how to get good Bloodlines in Shindo Life to access some awesome powers.
How To Get Good Bloodlines In Shindo Life

In Shindo Life, Bloodlines will give you powers that align with different characters' powers in the Naruto anime. Having a good Bloodline can power up your character significantly and make you stand out among your peers in the game, so it's a great idea to try to find one that gives your character some extra oomph.

Some Bloodlines are definitely better than others, so you should choose the best power for you. Here is how to get the strongest Bloodlines in Shindo Life.

How To Get Good Bloodlines

shindo life bloodlines
There are three types of Bloodlines in Shindo Life: Clan, Eye, and Elemental. (Picture: Shindo Life - Roblox)

There are three types of Bloodlines in Shindo Life: Eye, Clan, and Elemental. Each of those types of Bloodlines has various individual lines beneath it, with each having a different rarity and different strength.

If you're wondering how to buy a Bloodline in Shindo Life, the only way to change your Bloodline is to use spins in the Bloodline menu. You can equip up to 4 Bloodlines at a time if you choose to purchase extra Bloodline slots.

If you're looking to earn a specific Bloodline for your character, you'll want to use as many spins as possible to land on the Bloodline you want, since there is no other way to change your Bloodline.

You start out with 15 spins for free when you start the game, and you can earn more through completing daily missions, inputting codes from live streams, or playing in the Arena.

Best Bloodlines in Shindo Life

bloodlines roblox shindo life
All Bloodlines in Shindo Life empower you with amazing abilities, but some are better than others. (Picture: Shindo Life - Roblox)

If you're trying to get a specific Bloodline for your character, you're probably wondering what are the best Bloodlines to use in Shindo Life, so you can make the most of your power.

The Eye Bloodline and Clan Bloodlines have some of the most powerful abilities in the game. The following Bloodlines are some of the best in Shindo Life, based on their abilities:

  • Shindai-Akuma (Eye Bloodline)
  • Six-Paths-Narumaki (Clan Bloodline)
  • Doku-Scorpion (Eye Bloodline)

Now you know how to get a good Bloodline in Shindo Life, and which ones are the very best of them all.

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Featured image courtesy of Shindo Life - Roblox.