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How To Get Valkyrie Set In Royale High

Want to wear the Valkyrie set in Royale High but can't afford the new doll? Look no further than this guide.
How To Get Valkyrie Set In Royale High
X / Royale High

Want to recreate the Valkyrie set in Royale High? You're not alone! The fearless Valkyrie of Royale High and the Guardian of Dreams was released on Jul. 8, boasting a beautiful, enchanting scent of comforting vanilla and embellished golden embroidery on her dress.

In addition to the doll, players could also redeem free Valkyrie items in Royale High. The only issue was there was only a limited supply, which left many players to luck out. But fear not because this guide will help you recreate the look using existing items in the game.

How To Get The Valkyrie Set In Royale High

To obtain the Valkyrie set in Royale High, you must purchase the limited-edition Valkyrie Lumina doll from Jazwares for $50. In particular, you will receive a code to redeem the Valkyrie Wings accessory in the Royale High game along with your purchase.

After redeeming the code from the doll, you will also receive the "Valkyrie Lumina Doll!" badge and the Valkyrie set in Royale High, which includes the following items: 

  • Valkyrie Seraphic Wings
  • Valkyrie Shimmering Shoes
  • Valkyrie Divine Helm
  • Valkyrie Sworn Oath Sword and Shield
  • Valkyrie Radiant Dress
  • Valkyrie Luminous Cape
  • Profile Badge

 Note: As of Jul. 11, 2024, the Valkyrie Lumina Doll is sold out. But dont worry. As noted on X, future opportunities will arise for Royale High players to obtain the in-game Valkyrie set from other Royale High toys, which will include unique special in-game items too.

How To Remake The Valkyrie Set In Royale High Without Buying The Doll

If you can't afford the Valkyrie set in Royale High, missed the chance to purchase a doll, or—quite simply don't want to support Jazwares, then I've got a solution for you. As it turns out, you can recreate the set using available items in the game. All you have to do is equip the following items and customizations:

  • Face created by WirySofie
  • Rosalie's Bangs Accessories
  • Festival Day Bow (recolored to #DD44CC)
  • Anzu's Mindwings (recolored to #FFAD5E and #FED6B2 for colors 1 and 2 on the 99 Colors & Designs Palette)
  • Toggle 3 of the Dear Dollie Laced Corset (No Ruffles or Laces) with Decale IDs 18398211635 for the Corset and 18397690746 for the Underbodice.
  • Toggle 3 of the TTYL Chick Fave Sleeves with Decal IDs 18405005195 for both the Right and Left Sleeves.
  • Toggle 7 of the Opposites Attract Transformation Dress & Bodice (Sweetheart Skirt) with Decal IDs 18403008910 for the Skirt, Lace, and Under Lace.
  • Toggle 3 of the Snow Swan Embraced by Lcae Luxe Heels with No Feathers and Opaque Tights. You must recolor the Top of the Shoe, Tip of the Shoe, Platform/Stilleto, and Soles to #FFB63A. Also, you must use the Decal ID 18405148942 for the Tights.
royale high valkyrie set remake
This is what the Royale High Valkyrie set remake looks like in the game.

To complete the look, you should equip the Royal Shielf of Protection and the Glimmering Light Fairy Wings. And that's how to get the Valkyrie set in Royale High without buying the limited-edition Valkyrie Lumina doll from Jazwares. I want to credit the YouTuber PinkTower Games for sharing these items and X user @molkierr for creating the decal patterns.

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