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How To Get Lucky Penny Item In Sols RNG

Boost your luck and roll speed with Lucky Penny in Roblox Sols RNG.
How To Get Lucky Penny Item In Sols RNG
Picture: sol's studio

Roblox Sols RNG features multiple items that can give you different buffs to help you proceed in the game in an easier way. One of the new items added to Era 8 is called Lucky Penny that will boost your luck and roll speed. You can get it for free and here is how.

Sols RNG Lucky Penny: How To Obtain

Mari's Location in Sols RNG.
Mari's Location in Sols RNG. (Picture: BrosClanYt/GINX)

In order to get Lucky Penny, you will have to wait for Travelling Merchant named Mari to spawn. Wait for a white beam to appear on the map which can be anywhere and head there to talk to Mari. There is a chance that she might offer you limited stocks of Lucky Penny usually only one or two. 

6682e2dcc9866-SOL_S RNG ERA 8 - How to Get _Lucky Penny_ Item_Effect! _ Roblox 0-19 screenshot.png
Lucky Penny In Mari's shop. (Picture: BrosClanYt)

You can purchase it by spending 777,777 coins and once used, it will appear as a green colored coin and ring above your head. However, keep in mind that Mari despawns quickly so make sure to make the purchase before it happens.